PSPV and Compromís accuse Masson of “not governing for the majority” and predict inheritance tax cuts

Valencia, September 5 (European Media) –

PSPV and Compromís accuse government “president” Carlos Mazón of “not governing for the majority” by suppressing inheritance taxes, while they also predict that revenue will be “cut” by stopping the disclosure of income. The national treasury is about 400 million.

The Valencian government on Tuesday approved at a plenary session in Castro a draft law that would allow “to end once and for all the so-called death tax arising from inheritances and donations”, as Consell spokesperson Ruth Merino noted.

On this issue, Rebeca Torró, a trustee of the Le Corz Socialist Group, lamented that the current governing council “always serves the same people as always, rather than governing for the majority of citizens.”

He added that “the €350 million that the highest income earners can exempt is for the provision of hepatitis C treatment for 70 institutions, 34 schools or thousands of citizens.”

“This is the reality, when ordinary people get these benefits, the vast majority get cut,” a PSPV representative said.

Joan Baldoví, Compromise’s ombudsman, urged Masson, warning that “the 400 million euros that will not go into public coffers are paid not by ordinary people, but only by a small group of Valencians” ”, they are the richest Valencians. “

To this end, he denounced the unraised funds that could have been invested in “for example 2,000 doctors, 2,500 nurses or 6,000 teachers”. “Where do these funds come from?” he asked again.

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