PSPV charges against repeal of inheritance and donation taxes

Valencia (EFE). PSPV-PSOE alleges “Mazón’s 350 million fiscal gift to enormous wealth”, referring to the suppression of inheritance and donation taxes, as they are convinced it is a public service that is “socially unfair” and “damages economic viability” “.

The deputy spokesperson of the PSPV-PSOE in Le Corre said, Arcadia SpainHe warned that “forgoing these revenues makes the government uncontroversial in the fight to finance reforms and write off historic debts”.

“The measure also benefits only the highest earners and exposes Masson’s true intentions,” Spain insisted.

Likewise, the Socialist spokesman explained that “the charging document warns that 99% of the bonuses are particularly favorable to the great estates”, adding in this regard that “in 2022, 87.7% of heirs, or 177,400 out of nearly 200,000 People, did not pay anything”.

Spain also underlines that “these resources account for 13% of the revenues of own and transfer taxes administered by the government”. “It is clear that the reforms have had a negative impact on essential public services and deviated from the constitutional mandate of fiscal progressivity,” he assured.

Finally, Spain recalled that “the huge estate of 350 million euros forgiven by Masson is equivalent to the cost of hepatitis C treatment for more than 16,000 Valencians.”

“Before 2015, the People’s Party refused to provide them with the drug, and Simo Puig’s government saved their lives,” he added. “This 350 million euros will provide 75 million % of child support benefits, or a Valencian Inclusive Income for 75,000 Valencians.”

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