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PSV will accept Bitcoin as payment for a sponsorship

  • The PSV has partnered with the crypto exchange Anycoin Direct to make the crypto company its official sponsor for the next few years.
  • The team has become the first major football club to accept payment entirely in Bitcoin for an advertising contract.
  • At the beginning of the year the football club launched a collection of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Bitcoin (BTC) is increasingly gaining ground as a trading currency. Proof of this can be seen in El Salvador, which is only days away from BTC being a legal tender and other nations have begun to look at it.

But not only nations have done this, also companies of various kinds are entering the crypto world and the sports field is no exception. An example of this is the PSV Eindhoven, which has become the first major football club to accept payment entirely in Bitcoin for an advertising contract.

PSV Eindhoven enters the crypto world

PSV Eindgoven, is one of the most important teams in the Netherlands, founded in 1913, winner of 21 Dutch leagues and 2 Champions League.

This same team has announced a “unique” association with the crypto exchange in the same city, Anycoin Direct for this to be your official sponsor for the next few years.

The main goal is to raise awareness of both Bitcoin and AnyCoin Direct within the European continent and the world.“Said the team of the crypto exchange.

Although the amount has not been announced, nor the advertising campaign, what is known is that the entire contract has been paid in Bitcoin, thus being the first club in Europe to accept a sponsorship payment solely in cryptocurrencies.

The possibilities and the future offered by the world of cryptocurrencies are very promising. As a club in the heart of the Brainport region, we are always innovating, cryptocurrencies fit well into this image we have as a club“said Frans Janssen, PSV’s Chief Commercial Officer, very enthusiastic about the partnership.

It is worth noting that This is not the first expedition of PSV into the world of cryptocurrencies, since at the beginning of the year the football club launched a Collection of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) where they commemorated the consecration of their first European Cup in 1988, today the Champion League.

The world of soccer surrenders to cryptocurrencies

Although it is the first club in Europe and the world to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as part of payment for a sponsorship contract, the reality is that the PSV is not the first football club to hit the crypto world, nor do we expect it to be the last.

If you follow Bitcoin Mexico for a long time you can know that various sports leagues, such as the UFC, NBA NFL, even esports have entered the crypto world. Some clubs are:

  • Inter de Milan
  • Milan
  • Portuguese soccer team
  • England Arsenal
  • Manchester City
  • Football Club Barcerlo
  • U from Chile
  • PSG
  • Juventus
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Argentina Soccer Team
  • NBA Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Various F1 teams
  • And more

Does your favorite team already have an NFT? And if so, have you already bought it? What are you waiting for? That Messi reaches your team so that the PSG NFT Token increases exponentially?

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