Pulga Rodríguez put the hook and is already a Colón player

Last week was very loaded around all the information about the possible return of Pulga Rodríguez. Thursday’s meeting between the leadership and its representative Roberto San Juan was key to ending the seal the agreement, which will have it according to regulations until June 2023.

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The illusion of playing the Copa Libertadores was one of the reasons that led the player to have a new cycle at Rojinegro, where he has the doors always open, not only from the club, but from the fans, who have him on the pedestal of praise.

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Pulga Rodríguez signed a contract until December 2023 for his return to Colón.

Pulga Rodríguez signed a contract until December 2023 for his return to Colón.

Everything finished cooking this Monday afternoon in Buenos Aires, where President José Vignatti was, with whom the Tucuman clasped in a strong hug that went viral on social media. Also one of the lawyers, to give legal form to this contract.

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An illusion resolved by both parties. Colón makes a considerable effort to prioritize the squad and Pulga Rodríguez did his own, resigning money in Gymnastics. It was expected that by this time he will be in the city to settle again with his family and from this Tuesday he will be under the command of DT Julio Falcioni.

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