Pulmonary fibrosis: “Spain deserves a CSUR”

Designate Centers, Services and Reference Units (CSUR) in institutional diseases of IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis). This is the request that has been launched to the leaders of Health Julio Ancochea, head of the Pneumology Service of the Hospital de La Princesa, during the closing of the second session of the Interhospital Conference on Pneumology, organized by Medical Writing.

Ancochea has appealed to the Ministry of Health to include your hospital and others from the National Health System (SNS) as reference centers and thus, in the future, become part of the European References Network. In addition, it has valued the collaboration of GSK and Oximesa Nippon Gases for the celebration of this day, sponsored by the Neumomadrid Foundation. As an argument, he points out the category of excellence with which it is considered the expert unit in the management of these diseases that this hospital houses and that functions as a “national reference center”.

Hospital La Princesa is a great orchestra“He already pointed out in his inauguration speech.” I want to talk first about my hospital, about my life. I can define it in three words: history, scientific spirit and feeling “, Ancochea has highlighted, stating that it has more than 160 years of history and has always been impregnated with” a deep university spirit “, linked to the Autonomous University of Madrid and many services of reference, “many of them with international projection”.

Interhospital Conference on Pneumology at Hospital La Princesa.

It’s a dear hospital“Ancochea highlighted in relation to the satisfaction of patients and citizens who had the opportunity to demonstrate it.” We are little ones but we have a Investigation Institute very powerful, with extraordinary production ratios “, the specialist congratulated himself, emphasizing that” the most significant thing about the hospital is the sense and pride of belonging. ”

In this sense, the pulmonologist has affirmed that, in difficult times of the hospital, the term was coined “the spirit of the princess“.” It is a special hospital, and inside it shines with its own light the Pneumology Service, both in care and management aspects, “remarked Ancochea, who is proud that the hospital has received several awards for this.

He has also highlighted the teaching MIR, showing his satisfaction because it is one of the three services that previously sold out in Spanish Pulmonology. “Many times, the first chooses La Princesa,” stressed Ancochea, who has insisted on the research work carried out from the hospital.

Scientific production of the Pneumology Service of the Princess

Ancochea directs group 22 of the Health Research Institute, focused on lung diseases. “I can proudly say that it is the group, from the last memory, with the greatest scientific production, together with that of Immunology.” His Service, he stated, “is committed to the future and telemedicine.” Also, for “continuing professional development.”

The specialist wanted to highlight the hospital’s commitment to humanization, to “Human Division of Medicine“, claiming to be a” Hippocratic service. “” I cannot be more than satisfied and proud of the hospital and the service, “admitted Ancochea, who has expressed his ‘weakness’ towards ILD (Diffuse Interstitial Lung Diseases) and, specifically, towards IPF cases, the one that “most worries” professionals and that represents a “real epic, intellectual and scientific challenge”.

“I cannot be more than satisfied and proud of the hospital and the service”

Regarding the approach to this pathology, he has highlighted the importance of humility, teamwork and coordinated management. “I write the score, and I pass the baton to Claudia Valenzuela -specialist pneumologist from the Pneumology Service of La Princesa- to lead the orchestra, because we have extraordinarily virtuous musicians “, he illustrated, alluding to different specialists, also those who are joining, such as Gestorial Nursing, Psychology or Pharmacy In addition, it has emphasized the close work they maintain with the Palliative Service.

Ancochea has highlighted the values ​​present in its Service, such as respect for life and the dignity of people, ethics and the community, passing through vocation, commitment, solidarity, humility or teamwork. “They are our values, and there is also a medicine based on feelings and affectivity, which fits into another of our great bets: humanization“, it is finished.

“We conjugate the first person of the plural, we are always much better than you and me,” he pointed out by way of conclusion, when speaking of the indissoluble union formed by the professionals at the center. The person in charge sees it necessary, of course, to continue researching in areas such as the biology of alveolar epithelial damage, genetic indicators or immunity.

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