PULSE – News – Caught WeChat, the censorship of the news About the Corona Virus


Thursday, March 05, 2020 • 00:35

Message WeChat/doc Ubergizmo

Message WeChat/doc Ubergizmo

According to a report by The Citizen Lab, as quoted by Ubergizmo, have you found that WeChat seems to be news is censored in connection with the Corona virus. This includes messages, which can be important for the government, as well as the news is neutral that is purely informative.

Wechat allegedly censoring messages that warn to Dr. Li Ruifeng (a doctor in China who is trying that the virus in the early Phase), as well as news in connection with how the Chinese government dealt with the situation. As you see in the image above, the screenshot shows how the message is sent through WeChat, but could not be sent to the recipient.

Although it is not surprising if WeChat censorship of these messages. However, they are a Chinese company and is one of the delivery platform is the biggest news in there, so of course they must, in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese government.

It is not clear whether the message was censored, this only applies to those who have the app in Chinese, or if it applies to all users of WeChat around the world. (*)

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