PULSE – News – Google Is To web site information for Corona Virus aka Covid-19


Monday, March 16 2020 • 15:39



Daei page, the official Google know blog, the technology giant from the United States, it is in the middle of setting up a website, the information contains a virus related cocona or Covid-19. Langah is believed to help people find the information useful.

According to Google, “We have a partnership with the U.S. government in the development of a Website that focuses on education, prevention, and local resources COVID-19 National. This includes best practices on prevention, links to reliable information from the world health organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the tips and helpful tools from Google to inpidu, teachers and companies. “

Google also noted that you are entering this information into other services such as Google search, Google Maps, and YouTube. “At YouTube, we use the homepage to provide users a video of the CDC or the public health agencies, other relevant locally. We highlight content from reliable sources, if the people are in search of COVID-19, and insert the information panel, additional context from a high quality source. “

In addition, Google claims that this was done to help in an effort to suppress information that is wrong, especially when you consider how many people rely on Google to search for news and information in General. (*)