Pump and the surprise “you Can sign Cristiano Ronaldo” I Shock in Italy!


A variety of agents with a voice and presence in this football have ensured that the time of the signings disproportionately expensive had happenedthat would not be repeated, even from France, it has been commented that the most expensive player of all, Kylian Mbappéthen you can come by amounts for the market, up to date, ridiculous. That’s why listening to some statements as categorical and media as these from Germany descolocanfurther, when talking about the protagonist: neither more nor less than Cristiano Ronaldo.

And is that the player Oliver Kraglbelonging to one of the competitions in italy, the Series B, specifically, plays in the Benevento alpine, has said that the franchise Red Bull you can sign if you want to be the star of the Juventus of Turinthat the price and the amount fixed is not a problem. These statements not only surprised by the austerity that is presupposed in the times imposed by the Covid-19, but because of who speaks is neither more nor less than one of the best players of the decade.

It is true that the energy-drink brand has not stopped to invest their capital in football clubs since it began its journey in this look back in the year 2005, with the RB Salzburg. Now the sponsorship extends to the RB LeipzigNew York , Brazil, Ghana and Bragantino, all of them bearing the name of the company; but Kragl has gone further and has said: “Red Bull could probably buy Ronaldo morning if they wanted to”.

Striking manifestations of a player who knows the Bundesliga and the environment of elite of the calcium, although it seems daring to say such things. Still and all lights, the investment begins to bear fruit and the German team has achieved the milestone of sneak in the next phase of the Champions Leagueeliminating neither more nor less than the current runner-up of the competition, the Tottenham Hotspur of Jose Mourinho.