punching! Ibage baby may have died from malnutrition and coronavirus OC43

The two conditions, which could end the lives of children under nine months old, have been tentatively dealt with, although the results of the baby’s autopsy are expected to be revealed.

child died

Ibage Health Minister Liliana Ospina revealed an unfortunate incident in the city over the weekend that resulted in the death of a baby just a few months old.

According to the official, the cause of death in the case, which occurred at Clinaltec, has yet to be determined, although based on the patient’s medical history, malnutrition and coronavirus OC43 may be the cause of death.

“We regret the death of a child under nine months who died yesterday morning in a well-known general hospital in the city, the cause of death is under investigation, however, the child had the impression of malnutrition and diagnoses such as coronavirus OC43​ ​.”.

Thereafter, he said, the process begins to identify or clarify the cause of the fatal outcome, of which the aforementioned diseases are the main ones.

“We are waiting for the autopsy report to be analyzed because this is a delicate death of a child under the age of five, so the prosecutor’s office is investigating it and will look into the cause of the apparent malnutrition.” … Apparently the factors were the coronavirus Triggers for OC43 infection”.

Finally, Ospina explained, “Coronavirus OC43 is a virus in the same family as what we know from the pandemic that COVID-19 is responsible for 10% to 15% of respiratory illnesses, especially the common cold. , but taking into account factors such as risk or vulnerable status, such as children or the elderly, may produce infections such as pneumonia, which may lead to death.”

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