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Qualcomm plans to release a processor for a laptop that surpasses the Apple M1

Qualcomm has a strong reputation in the chipset market, but its laptop processors tend to perform poorly when compared to the latest Intel and AMD designs. However, the CEO of Qualcomm predicts that the situation should change in about a year.

In an interview with Reuters, the head of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon said that by mid-2022 his company will be able to release a processor for mobile computers that will not only compete on equal terms with the Apple M1 chip but even surpass it. Apple has shown that it is possible to release an ARM-based processor that provides better performance with less power. Cristiano Amon believes that Qualcomm’s solution can outperform the Apple M1 for one good reason – he has a team of engineers who previously worked on Apple Silicon. It includes former chief architect of Apple’s mobile processors, Gerard Williams.

Williams and two other Apple employees who oversaw the creation of chips for the company’s mobile devices left Apple in 2019 to start Nuvia. Then a trio of top managers announced their intention to compete with Intel and AMD. In March of this year, Qualcomm bought Nuvia for $ 1.4 billion, giving the chipmaker access to much of the technology behind the Apple M1 chip.

Cristiano Amon speaks with caution about his ambitious plans and does not exclude the possibility that ARM, with which Qualcomm has maintained relations for many years, will be able to develop its own processor, in some ways even better than theirs. In such a case, he has a backup plan – to get a license from ARM.

Qualcomm is still Apple’s supplier, making modem chips for the iPhone. However, the Cupertinians want to develop their own modem and finally lose their dependence on Qualcomm.

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