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Qualcomm to release a chipset is the latest bluetooth for TWS with the affordable price, provides earbuds premium class

Nextren.com – Qualcomm technology company, which presents the components of the chip on the product-technology-gadgets, a two-chip bluetooth-at the latest

Chipset bluetooth consists of two classes, premium class Qualcomm QCC514x-and entry-level class QCC304x SoC.

This chipset will not be embedded in a smartphone, but fixed on the earphones.

Both the latest chip set, the said supports, the technology of Qualcomm true wireless Mirroring, is for a connection that is reliable.

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As well as hardware from Qualcomm for hybrid active noise cancellation, and certainly support, are on Board the digital assistant.

Hardware products, such the name of Qualcomm’s hybrid ANC promised already integrated with noise cancellation technology.

These functions were the same mode with transparency on the headphones, noise-canceling rule.

Qualcomm hybrid ANC can allow earphones cheap to produce, active noise cancellation technology.

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As for the technology, Qualcomm true wireless Mirroring the connection in the earphones, and then with the earphones, the other can handle.

It is said, you can reduce the amount of synchronization that is required to enjoy the connection more reliable.

So, if you disable or remove the earphones testimony of the connection, the system of the transition of the connection to the earphones of the other main.

This system also helps, the headphones have to disconnect a single connection to a smartphone, not as ear plugs to the others.

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Qualcomm QCC514x and QCC304x a chip rate of the different classes and also different ability, especially on the integration of a voice assistant.

Opto QCC514x the voice assistant is able to switch to only activate with the words “Hey Google” or “Alexa” as Apple AirPods, and Amazon Echo buds.

For the QCC304x only activate the voice assistant via a button on the earphones.

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Started the verge, Qualcomm promises the two-chip set is more powerful and has longer battery performance is good, although noise suppression.

With two opto this proves, Qualcomm is able to the language assistant and the ANC for headphones affordable.

So not only headset of the premium class, the class is affordable, can enjoy such features.


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