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Quantum Break PC Game Download Full Version

The Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment has once again set to work, the creators of games such as Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and especially the first two parts of Max Payne this time created Quantum Break. This is a new, spectacular third-person action game set in the near future. In production, the first violin is played by scientists who, as a result of a failed experiment, gained the ability to manipulate time, so you can see here inspiration from modern scientific theories. Manipulating time has long been the subject of various SF books, movies and games. As for the game in question, the whole story has been told so well. Do you find time travel fascinating? Get Quantum Break download .

Quantum Break PC Game Download Full Version

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As this is an exclusive production, we will be able to play Quantum Break only on Microsoft platforms, i.e. on the Xbox One console and PCs with the Windows 10 operating system. The game for PCs can only be purchased through the Windows Store.

The game tells the story of three scientists: Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Paul Serene, who, somewhere in the United States at US Riverpoint, conduct research on the possibilities of time travel. Unfortunately (for players, maybe fortunately) one of the experiments fails, there is a lot of anomalies around it, potentially it is one of those events that can lead to the end of the world we know. Fortunately, in a misfortune, the three scientists mentioned earlier gain extraordinary powers to manipulate space-time, and while the first two use their new powers to save the world from a terrible end, Serene, sure about the near end, wants to use the situation for his own evil purposes. Help them save the world and get Quantum Break download .

The events we take part in during the game are connected with each other by means of film scenes prepared in the form of a series, in the production of which live actors took part. The actors include Shawn Ashmore (The Following, X-Men series), Dominic Monaghan (Lost: Lost, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones). The film is focused on the antagonist Paul Serene. This division of narrative has its good sides, in this way we can get to know the story from different points of view and its various threads. The decisions we make during the game and watching the movie will affect the fate of our heroes and the rest of the story. We can gain enemies or friends in this way, so there are many possibilities, and the story itself is very addictive.

Quantum Break trailer

During the game, as we find ourselves in a world affected by a space-time catastrophe, we encounter a number of inexplicable anomalies. Whole buildings are falling apart before our eyes, creating new roads. We ourselves, apart from shooting, use the newly acquired skills such as a protective shield, the sense thanks to which we learn the location of interesting objects and our opponents, slowing down time or time bubbles inside which time is stopped. Each ability needs time to regenerate after using it, which introduces a tactical element to the game, and their use is an integral part of the game. So we need to properly plan when we will use any of the powers. If you want to manipulate time, experience the amazing and save the world from falling apart, get Quantum Break Download .

Quantum Break PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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