‘Quantum Leap’ Includes Eliza Taylor and Peter Gadiot in Season 2

The sci-fi series will return to NBC on October 4th. It has not yet been published in Italy.

Quantum leapone of the few series that will be able to return to NBC this fall with new episodes, despite the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, signed a contract with a star 100 Eliza Taylor and what of Queen of the South Peter Gadiot for a recurring role in the second season, which airs October 4 in the United States.

Quantum Leap 2: the roles of Eliza Taylor and Peter Gadiot

Sequel to the eponymous sci-fi drama of the late 80s in Italy, known by its name. Time travel, Quantum leap should Raymond Lee Ben Song, a world-famous physicist who has decided to restart the Quantum Leap Project in hopes of understanding the mysteries of the machine that made time travel possible, and the man who created it (Sam Beckett played by Dr. Scott Bakula), is trapped there. , replacing different people each time, as well as suffering from partial amnesia.

Beginning with the third episode, Taylor will play Hannah Carson, a complex young woman who may be more than she looks. Gadio, currently among faces one piece and recently in Silage AND yellow jacketswill play Tom Westfall, an Army officer and former Special Forces officer who will oversee the Quantum Leap Project. Thoughtful, purposeful and with a humanity that does not allow him to be arrogant, Westfall is admired by both men and women.

These castings they follow the lead of Manifesto star Melissa Roxburgh.who will appear in the first episode along with François Arnaud (Midnight, Texas), Aaron Abrams (blind spots) and PJ Byrne (boys).

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