Quarantine by pandemic could be lifted at the end of may, says Lopez-Gatell: VIDEO


Given the development of the pandemic COVID-19 throughout the world, in Mexico, you might get the quarantine imposed until the end of may, with the agreement of the assistant secretary for Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

During an interview released on social networks, the official stressed that there has not yet reached the peak of hiv infections in our country, so that the insulation is important in these moments.

I reiterate that the new coronavirus you can not stop abruptly, but can be controlled with the recommendations issued since the start of the health crisis.

If things go as expected, the isolation of the mexican people could be so gradual (territorial) and in a controlled manner.

What is intended is that towards the end of April and the first week of may, we begin this process of ‘defrosting’, where we begin to liberate the mobility of persons, this in an organized way, not everyone in the country has at the same time, we can begin to regain mobility…

López-Gatell said that the most affected areas, as the CDMX and the area conurbated of the Edomex, they would have to wait a little bit more.

In addition, he said that the first to come out of the quarantine will be young people, while those over 60 years of age, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses will continue with the isolation.

Writing Digital The Herald Mexico


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