Quarantine in Mexico: How long and until when you can prolong the confinement


The 23 march, started the National Day of Healthy Distance in other words, it is the quarantine voluntary on the part of the people. Days later, the Deputy minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell made a call to the population to stay in their homes to prevent an increase in the number of infections coronavirus and, above all, that are not saturated hospitals.

In the beginning, quarantine was declared until the 19th of April. However, when it was announced the Health Emergency, the authorities got to know that the National day of Healthy Distance will be extended until April 30, therefore, the time is up that day when you keep the quarantine.

The non-essential activities had to stop working during this month to avoid conglomeraciones in the streets. In the City of Mexico they are only open markets, pharmacies, banks and supermarkets in order that the people to remain at home. For its part, the classes remain suspended.

How long you can prolong the confinement?

Despite the fact that the Deputy minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell estimated that the country between in the Phase 3 in two weeks, this does not mean that the quarantine could be extended beyond 30 April. In order to revive the economy, Lopez-Gatell confessed that they are studying various options, among which is that the workers return to the offices so gradual. However, he said that it is still too early to make a decision on that topic.

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