Quartet, violins and dressage: this was Friday at Jesús María – 100 Festivaleras Nights

The opening of the National Festival of Dressage and Folklore was experienced this Thursday with a special brilliance, after two years of absence due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this Friday was lived with even more emotion and with a total of 7,077 tickets cut.

Little Algarrobera Sombrita was the musical group in charge of opening the second night in Jesús María, starting the evening at 7:20 pm.

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Then he jumped on stage Marina Cornejo to enchant the crowded stands with his voice.

The field was, once again, the setting to receive the protagonists of the horse riding championship in a presentation that lasted at least half an hour.

After 9:30 p.m., The street, made up of Ariel Chaco Andrada, Carlos Lallana, Marcelo Herrera, Gustavo Fraire, Guillermo Herrera, José Luis Pérez, Guillermo Vignolo, Virginia Magarzo and Diego Leguizamón, revived Jesús María’s microphones.

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After these performances, the edition was inaugurated with the vibrating of the classic clarion and the harangue of Ignacio Basteiro. To the rhythm of “Jesús María Cantará”, the ballet Martín Fierro it flooded the stage of the traditional Argentine dance.

The rider returned around 11 pm, to perform for about forty minutes.

In dialogue with Chain 3, Néstor Garnica, minutes before going on stage revealed: “‘Violinero del tiempo’ is the name of an album of mine, that’s why they call me like this. The nickname ‘Violinero del Apocalipsis’ is because in 2000 I made a rock in Europe and at that moment, it was said that the world was going to melt. That is why I returned to Santiago del Estero, thinking it was going to be like that … and nothing happened. “

The force of his violin made the mythical stage of Jesús María vibrate and raised the large audience that filled the stands.

At dawn, Damián Córdoba appeared on stage, bringing even more joy and color to the day.

Some of the songs she performed were Tell him that I, Don’t think you’re so important, Coward, I ask you to leave her, Fire at night, snow by day, Lie to me and You swore, among others.

The show lasted for about an hour and a half and managed to make the audience dance.

On Friday, the corresponding assemblies of the Wands with Countertop and Clean Crina categories were carried out. The champion of Jesús María, Gervasio Lennon, participated tonight.

In addition, throughout the day, visitors were able to attend the Patio de Doña Pipa, a new festival space to enjoy live shows, food trucks, artisans and many more options.

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With free and free entry, it invites tourists and visitors to enjoy the Festival during the days of the Festival, from 12 noon to 1 in the morning.

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Families can take their lounge chair and mate to enjoy summer noons and afternoons, with a special space for boys and girls. The stage will have live shows from 7:00 p.m.

The Patio de Doña Pipa will also host the “Camino al Festival” contest for artists who seek to fulfill their dream of singing at the great National Festival of Dressage and Folklore.

The award for the winning soloist or band will be, nothing more and nothing less, than to perform on the Martín Fierro stage on Sunday, January 16.

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