Quavo Hints at ‘Huncho Jack’ Sequel with Travis Scott

Quavo appears to have some exciting news to share with fans as he recently hinted that new music is on the horizon, featuring none other than Travis Scott.

The Migos frontman caused a stir this week when he took to Instagram to respond to a thread posted by Our Generation Music that both celebrated the accomplishments of fellow rapper Travis Scott but also subtly hinted at the possibility of an imminent release.

“Next dive, loading… battery low,” he wrote, accompanied by a full battery emoji.

“Hancho Jack SO slept on shit, this is amazing,” read one response to the subtle ad.

“OMG PLEASE and we need the Scotts so I can die peacefully,” another user wrote. “Hypeated because Quavo is in his prime but I also really want to see this Travis x Don Toliver project,” added a third.

In late 2017, Quavo and Scott teamed up to release an album. Hancho Jack, Jack Hancho. Commercially, the project was well received and debuted in third place. This beats Eminem Renaissance, who was in fourth place.

Grossing a total of 89,775 album-equivalent units (16,561 pure album units and 105,321,887 streams), the album boasted songs from fellow Migos members Offset and late Takeoff, as well as production from Murda Beatz, Southside, Buddah Bless and Cardo. , was hailed as an overall success.

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Meanwhile, in the album review DX’s the very personal Aaron McCrell wrote that “Hancho Jack, Jack Hancho delivers exactly what fans would expect from two of trap’s most popular rappers. Soaring, robotic rhythmic melodies? Check. Endless boasting? Check. A seamless blend of vocoder-tinged singing and cheeky flows? Check, check, Nike Swoosh. But don’t expect a structured and thorough project. Rather, it feels like La Flame and the leader of Migos walked into the studio, got drunk on ganja, and all the fun broke loose.

“More often than not, this fresh vibe makes up for the lack of solid lyrical content. “Trampoline (trampoline), Michael Jordan dreams (Jordan) / Half a bale in that vacuum cleaner (bale),” Quavo rhymes nonsensically on “Dubai Shit.” However, OZ and Vinyl’s bassline is so mesmerizing that it doesn’t matter what he, Scott or Offset have to say,” McCrell continued. “Basically, however, Hancho Jack, Jack Hancho Proving once again that the duo’s strength is entertainment on cruise control.”

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