Queen Bees – Eternal Emotions Review: It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love

Review of Queen Bee: Ageless Emotions, in which Ellen Burstyn plays a widow who moves into a nursing home and regains her will to live and love. Tonight on Rai 1 and available on RaiPlay.

Queen Bees - Eternal Emotions Review: It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love

Elderly but still full of life, Helen has recently fallen victim to some forgetfulness that creates a lot of problems in her daily activities. It is on one such occasion that she ends up leaving the stove on and it is locked shortly thereafter, causing a small fire in the house. The house, now in need of repairs as well as insurance company checks, to the point that Helen must find another place to live: her daughter Laura pushes her to stay for a while at Pine Grove Nursing Home and she has no other alternatives. is forced to accept the offer, with the goal of returning to her home as soon as possible, as soon as it is settled.

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Queen bees: a frame from the film

As we tell you in the review Queen bees – ageless emotions, upon arrival at the structure, Helen is confronted by a group of ferocious peers, belligerent and frightened by the rest of the patients, and she herself initially finds herself in their crosshairs. But over time, he becomes part of that team, forming an unexpected relationship of deep friendship and then rediscovering love after meeting another “resident”, the jaunty Dan.

All you need is love

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Queen bees: a scene from the play

A comedy about old love it teaches us that it’s never too late for anything, under the banner of rhetorical sentimentality that looks specifically at a relative target audience more closely related to the characters told over the course of an hour and a half. Queen bees – ageless emotions On the other hand, it brings back to us a consolidated imagination, without trying any original ideas in an attempt to diversify the flow of thematic operations already done with prototypes more inspired to look down on. Such an operation makes sense, above all, if it is supported by a worthy cast, and at least from this point of view, the film can count on first-class performers: not only Ellen Burstynimpetuous and self-deprecating, in the image of the protagonist, but also James Caan to his last interpretation before his disappearance: therefore, the numerous admirers of the actor could have one more reason to approach the vision. And in a secondary role, very tasty, we also have champagne Christopher Lloyd.

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Joy and sorrow

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Queen Bees: Sequence

Starting with the prologue, in which Helen begins to show what appear to be potential signs of impending dementia, Queen Bee – Timeless Emotions doesn’t hide the dust under the carpet and decides to tackle even the dramatic nuances associated with the old along with the lighter tones. the age when the ghost of illness hovers over the destinies of heroes, whether cancer oldAlzheimer’s disease, with some potentially harsher thrusts that will never really take over. Because the approach remains the most cheerful and serene, in the name of hope and a new beginning, even when it seems that it’s too late. The story takes place mostly within the four walls of an orphanage, with just a couple of outdoor skits in which our girls act like real bad girls, so much so that they knock out a biker guilty of stealing.

Tomorrow will be a new day

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Queen bees: a frame from the film

The “80 is the new 18” storytelling, complete with end-credits slides where real married couples appear at the age of three, is another sign that the story is choosing to seek light emotion with a large audience smart enough to do its little task with discrete efficiency. There are no nuances and everything is predictable, a debt to pay when you forcefully try to please everyone and do not risk derailing. Director Michael Lembeckfamous Connie and Carla (2004) and most notably for bizarre comedy with Dwayne Johnson Tooth catcher (2010) he manages on auto-pilot, relying on the inspiration of his many translators – quite heterogeneous – who bring the right dose of empathy to the subject to the whole.


Forced to temporarily leave the house where she has always lived, elderly widow Helen moves into a nursing home for a while, where she has the opportunity to make new friends and discover that it is never too late to fall in love again. As we told you in our review of Queen Bee – Ageless Emotions, we have a romantic and light senile comedy that, above all, uses the cutting edge of the cast – led by Ellen Burstyn and the late James Caan – to achieve a general public. Ninety minutes, during which simple and predictable emotions follow one another under the slogan of good feelings, but at the expense of originality.

Because we love it

  • The former glory cast is still in great shape.
  • An operation that easily achieves its main goal.

What’s the matter

  • Predictable mainstream rhetoric.
  • The script and direction lack personality.

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