Querétaro recorded its first death from coronavirus: added 17 in Mexico


Through a communiqué, the ministry of Health of Querétaro, confirmed that this Sunday saw the first death from coronavirus in the entity. According to the dependence, it is a man of 58 years who had been hospitalized.

Until the moment, in Querétaro have been registered a total of 26 positive cases, of which, only three patients had to be hospitalized.

“One of them, with mild, continues home treatment; another continues to severe, with the support of fan, and the third, that he was serious, he passed away (man, 58 years of age)”, he explained the Secretariat.

On the first victim, the health authorities did not specify if you had any previous pathology. However, it confirmed that there is a new suspected case of coronavirus, which is also admitted by presenting a clinical picture complicated.

“There is a new severely ill patient with mechanical ventilation that is found in study of disease Covid-19”, he said.

The rest of patients experience mild symptoms and are treated on an outpatient basis. Three of them were already discharged.

With the demise in Querétaro are already 17 deaths in the country because of the pandemic. Added to the deaths recorded in Mexico City (7), Durango (1), Hidalgo (1), Jalisco (3), Michoacan (1), Quintana Roo (1), and San Luis Potosí.

The first death was recorded in Mexico City on Wednesday, march 18. In a period of 11 days, the figure rebounded to reach this Sunday the 29th of march, a total of 17. This, coupled with the rapid spread of the virus in the country, which already has 848 confirmed cases and 2,623 suspectsled this Saturday, the undersecretary of health of the Health Secretariat federal, Hugo López-Gatell, to remind the population the importance of stay at home these days.

“It is not desirable in the handling of the epidemic getting to extreme situations, such as those we see in Europe, where they formally declare states of exception and suspend constitutional guarantees and to use the public force to strengthen public health measures. We call for a vigorous, emphatic and unmistakable to stay home. That is the best way to voluntarily and consciously decided to stay in the house all,” said Lopez-Gatell.

“We are already in a period of accelerated, exponential in the number of cases. From the second week of march, there is a rapid growth of cases daily, we have not exceeded one thousand; although the growth is very fast, we still have the opportunity to stop the contagion,” he said.

Prior pathology such as diabetes or hypertension that complicate the recovery

Around the world, the coronavirus has caused up to now 31,918 deaths. And in Mexico, in a little over a week, the number of deaths has increased rapidly.

According to the information provided by the different secretariats of state health, at least 12 of the 17 deaths in the Republic were suffering from hypertension, diabetes or smoking. Three conditions that complicated his recovery.

“People who suffer from diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, morbid obesity, renal failure, lupus, cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, as well as transplants, older persons from 60 years of age, pregnant people and those who are in charge of taking care of their daughters and sons under the age of 12 years old must to do guard family at home”, explains in its Technical Report Journal the Secretariat of federal Health.

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