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Paolo Meneguzzi attacked J-Ax and Fedez in an interview, which caused a reaction from the former and so they argued on social media for one day.

JX and Paolo Meneguzzi

JX and Paolo Meneguzzi

Paolo Meneguzzi and JX have been arguing on social media for a whole day. It all started with an interview with singer VeroFalso for MowMag, in which he criticized J-Ax and Fedez, calling their disco paradise a “hustler”. A criticism that prompted J-Axe’s immediate reaction, which led to a mean counter-reply and another reply. In short, a classic question and answer. Meneguzzi, who also said he could “become Justin Bieber,” stated, speaking of contemporary Italian pop, “Pop summer 2023 is depressing. Medium pop seems humiliated to me. Seeing people with tattoos go on stage and sing disco on duty heaven makes me sad. These are businessmen. Pop music should also be far-sighted, developed, taken care of at the highest level. If you make the necessary comparisons between one product and another, you will notice the difference. The best pop music isn’t trashy at all.”

J-Ax’s response to Paolo Meneguzzi’s allegations

At this point, the singer mentioned Blanco’s name as an example of pop music that could have more ambition, not without pointing out that better production would still be needed. J-Ax’s response was immediate. so, on his Instagram stories, he ironically replied, meaning something about hustlers: “Eh, are you sure you want to talk about hustlers? In any case, hello, I will always remember you as the version ordered from Wish by Tiziano (Ferro, ed.).” The rapper then concluded his thought by writing, “There’s nothing sadder than failed singers blaming ‘the public today that no longer understands with…Oh.’ We all make songs that are not “related” to the market, to fashion. or with the tastes of a new generation. If when this happens you end up with a fistful of flies in your hand, it means you don’t have a fan base that supports you even when you’re not in the mainstream. that you were making shallow music that didn’t get into people’s hearts, only into their ears, only to go away after one season. However, it’s better today with twelve years of drunken streams than before with pimp producers who decided everything.

Meneguzzi’s response

A few hours after the singer “Musica” and “Veroffalso” he responded with a lengthy post on his social media, once again blaming J-Ax, this time calling him rambling. “Dear JX, but who will come after you (you) if you do not follow the system that you have always criticized? Become the representative that the system is rotten, deny San Remo, Voice, and then advertise “panettone”. You talk about pimps, but you play pimp who is attached to children so as not to sink into oblivion, which probably scares you so much, and in order to be cool, you still shout to us “legalize it.” : “I have an art school. , I produce films, children’s records and I have a family. This is my music. Am I not as successful as before? Patience … I believe in ideals, and you believe in joints.

Paolo Meneguzzi’s long letter to J-Axe, dissing continues: “They used you as a diaper.”

Meneguzzi and success in South America in the 90s

Meneguzzi then also responded to a direct attack against Ferro.recalling his success in South America and then in Italy: “I was a pop star in Latin America in 1996 (I think Tiziano was 16…). I salute your ignorance, which is in line with what you are suggesting, and that many superficial people who do not know how to travel outside of Italy. Because I remind you that a few kilometers from the Italian border you are musically nobody. But let’s get back to the license plate “Disco Paradise” of 2023, a song that could also have been released in 1974!… Be tough with dragon tattoos and can you sing bubbles to me? Don’t you think it’s a bit cheesy and the text is not credible for your age? raise the window and worry… Battisti?” .

Finally, the singer criticizes the language and messages sent by the rapper: “You can’t sing, but you scream, chat and distort languages ​​into the microphone with vulgarities, profanity and really dubious or incomprehensible messages in songs! I repeat, is it really necessary? Pop is serious. We’re trying to create a personality, a sound connected to emotion, the perfection of the melody and the mix, the lyrics. We are trying to send a message that can come close to art and, above all, c “This is an important ethics in messages. But tell me. What the hell is your message? It just seems to me that the message is “come on, let’s make money”! poor quality standards because it’s easier because the quality is much harder to maintain. Maybe you forgot the quality or why it’s better to stick to the garbage trail or who has a following? heart 😅 Pablo”.

J-Ax asks fans for advice

J-Ax more or less had the last word who used it rhetorically, putting himself in the hands of his fans. J-Ax actually posted another story in which he asked fans whether to answer him again or not, “Guys, it’s still talking so I’m asking you. mature person and “high flight”?

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