questioned by the FBI for a dangerous friendship

The actor was questioned by the FBI for his strange friendship with one of the financiers of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian: questioned by the FBI for a dangerous friendship

In recent days, some FBI documents have been released revealing links between Leonardo Dicaprio and the Malaysian financier now on the run Jho Low.

In 2018, DiCaprio was questioned by the FBI as a potential witness regarding his relationship with Low, who was accused of embezzling $4.5 billion from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Berhard (1MDB), according to Bloomberg reports. DiCaprio allegedly met Low for the first time in a New York nightclub in 2010 and later formed a close relationship with the financier.

Low is said to have bought the actor gifts – including a first edition de The Great Gatsby and Marlon Brando’s Academy Award for On the Waterfront – and helped finance the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring DiCaprio.

I worked for him… and business also translates into social relationships‘ DiCaprio told a grand jury, according to the report.’So we saw each other many times and there was more interaction“.

According to FBI documents, Low called DiCaprio “L-Dogg.” The two also discussed a $1 billion fund for future projects, as well as a Warner Bros. theme park in Asia with rides based on the actor’s films. DiCaprio said he began to distance himself from Low when reports of his alleged crimes surfaced in 2015. According to a 2018 New York Times report, DiCaprio forfeited Low’s gifts under a government order seizing all of Low’s U.S. properties.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Marlon Brando and the Oscar case seized by the US government

DiCaprio wasn’t the only celebrity being questioned by the FBI in relation to Low. According to the report, Kim Kardashian was also questioned by authorities, who said she once stayed up until 5 a.m. in a Las Vegas casino with Low.

Low, who is believed to be hiding in China to escape international authorities, was charged in 2021 by the US Justice Department with lobbying for allegedly trying to influence the government to drop investigations against him and the 1MDB .

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