Quotes from famous songs inside other famous songs

Idols also have idols, And sometimes they pay homage to them, quote them, try to get their attention the only way they know how: songs. Within equally well-known songs, Matryoshka of Praise and Honor contains many quotes from famous songs, creating for us a kind of map of the rock star’s influence and great love.

Most prolific: Arctic monkey

The most accomplished in the art of quotes are arctic monkeys, Alex Turner and associates passion for me Duran Duran knows no secret, so much so that it emerges not in one but in two singletons: a veiled suggestion not to disturb the boxes Teddy Picker (“I don’t want your prayer, save it for the next morning”) is actually a semi-quote save a Prayer1982 song dedicated to Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Andy, John and Roger Taylor.

From that famous 80s album, RioThe Arctic Monkeys had already chosen a small tribute for their first single, I bet you look good on the dancefloor, where he admitted that he was satisfied with a copy of Duran Duran’s collection: ,Your name isn’t Rio, but I don’t care about sand.”

Sheffield band’s musical idols live on within UK borders with iconic song Police which inspired the text of when the sun goes down: “And I’ve seen him with the girls of the night / And he told Roxanne to put on her red light”.

On the other hand, the cinematic imagery of arctic monkeys is American-inspired, from which they borrow the opening of a 1973 film by Martin Scorsese. knee socks: “Like the beginning mean streetsyou can be my baby be my Baby, Ronettes song quotes quotes.

quotes from abroad

We live in England with the pioneers of Britpop Oasis, on the 1997 single do you know what i meanThe Gallagher brothers (or rather Noel) make explicit reference to two songs from their Complete Myths, namely the beatles: “There’s blood on the tracks and it must be mine / the fool on the Hill And I feel fine,

On the other hand, various tributes to British music stars come from abroad. First of all eminemthat in one of his most famous pieces, Stanquote is not just a song Phil Collinsbut also the legend attached to it: “You know that song by Phil Collins, in the air TonightHow about the guy who could have saved that other guy from drowning but didn’t, then Phil saw it all, and in a show he found him?”.

In fact, over the years an unsubstantiated rumor has circulated that the former Genesis aided helplessly at the scene of a murder, and that some time later, during one of his concerts, he saw the murderer in the crowd and screamed in the air Tonight To tell him that he has seen everything. Collins has repeatedly stated that this story is completely false, and that the song’s lyrics are about their divorce, but apparently Eminem liked it so much that he didn’t include it in his letter. Stan,

most quotes in a song

if even Ed Sheeran In castle on the hill accepted humming in the car tiny Dancer Of Elton Johnand placebo quotes more classic neil young song to say goodbye (“Your needle and your loss is gone”), It is to the visors that we owe the primacy of referencesHowever, the melody of Rivers Cuomo’s heart has been stored in a song specially written to tell: heart song, Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, ABBA, Devo, Bruce Springsteen, but also Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Slayer are just some of the Californian band leader’s idols.

Our Franco Batiato did a similar thing years before Weezer compiled his list of influences, Actually, it was released in 1981 cuccurucucu, The title already has a clear reference to it Paloma Kukurukuku by Mexican singer-songwriter Tomas Mendez.

In the song’s lyrics, the late Sicilian singer-songwriter lists all the Italian and foreign sound influences that characterized his adolescence. Follow the orders of the master: sea ​​in drawer (song by milva), thousands of blue bubbles (My), the world is gray the world is blue (cover by Nicola Di Bari). Then lady madonna And With a little help from my friends the beatles, Ruby Tuesday the rolling stones, let’s Twist Again by Chubby Checker (1961). finally with bob dylan just like a Woman (1966) and like a Rolling Stone (1965)

Capturing the song’s quotes in lyrics is somewhat like recreating the constellation that has guided the history of some musicians, A path full of clues to be collected to guide you into the background of an idea.

Article by Federica Mingarelli

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