Race track in Monza, full speed, filming Brad Pitt

Formula 1 and Hollywood. Filming for Apex continues at the Monza circuit, but without Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt.. The movie star has effectively cut short his participation in the F1 film directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton to support the actors and writers involved in the biggest race ever. film industry strike and television of the last 60 years.

Meanwhile, although The Temple of Speed ​​houses part of the film crew and stunt doubles who do the work. From from 7 to 13 September there track it will be used to record some action scenes and wheel-on-wheel duels. closed to the public. The theatrical release is expected in late 2024/early 2025.

At the Monza Grand Prix

During the Grand Prix they made her smile car ApxGP Team than between one Formula 1 session and another they went to the track to film the movie Apple TV, but to the inexperienced eye, everything seemed normal: men in Apex GP uniform, pit stop, sidewall for engineers and cars intending to lap the track.

There black and gold livery from three single cars along with the roar of a 3.4-liter V6 turbo engine and 620 horsepower, they did not go unnoticed. As with other season assignments, the 11th team ApxGP had their own garage next to the Williams garage. and for the first time they were record pit stop scenes.

The execution leaves much to be desired, but this is Hollywood. However, production was not only focused on the track: in the paddock actually they were placed film cameras to document behind the scenes of the Formula 1 Grand PrixBye to the pit lane we have also witnessed some passing Nissan GTR with cameras installed on it.


Movie Apexworking title, produced by Apple Studios in collaboration with Formula 1. and will be published on Apple+. He cares about leading everything Joseph Kosinski, director of Top Gun: MaverickOblivion and Tron: Legacy. Among manufacturers reads the name Lewis Hamilton with his production company Dawn Apollo Films: the world champion will not only cameo in the filmbut also wears clothes consultant and from co-producer.

A few more plot details. Brad Pitt plays Sonny Hayes, a former racing driver from the 90s, who returns to racing to help his friend Javier Bardem, the owner of a team in a big difficult situation. The character played by Brad Pitt will play the role mentor to young prospects, pilot Joshua Pierce played by Damson Idris.

Among other actors in the cast Tobias Menzies AND Kerry justifynominated this year for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for The Spirits of the Island.

Cars and drivers

Although this is a Formula 1 movie, Apx GP team single-seat cars are Formula 2 cars disguised as top-tier cars.. changes they were made by Mercedes: two cars in black and gold livery will indeed have AMG logos, as well as 15 camera mounts. In addition to the German House, Josef Kosinski will also receive assistance from Carlin MotorsportBritish stable F2 and F3.

To drive safely and look professional, Brad Pitt and co-star Damson Idris they followed some driving lessons at Silverstone and Paul Ricard. β€œWe started participating quite early,” he explains. Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal – and indeed We sent Brad to a driving school in France. learn how to drive Formula 4 cars and above.

In reality, they won’t always be two helmet-wearing actors: even though confirmation hasn’t been given yet,former Formula Super League driver Craig Dalbby And 2012 Formula 2 Champion Lucibano Bachetathey are working on the film as stuntmen.


Salaries higher, great protection against unauthorized use of the image through the systems. artificial intelligence, great protection against the use of works on streaming platforms.

It is for these reasons that the Board of Directors SAG-AFTRA, union for the protection of performers and actorsdeclare abstention from work after the failure of negotiations withAMPTP extension, union of manufacturers: among the best known DisneyParamount, Sony, Warner Bros, Discovery, Netflix, Amazon, Apple and NBC Universal.

160 thousand these are actors of films and series, radio hosts, models and youtubers SAG-AFTRA members. The organizer of the protest is there union leader Fran Drescherknown from the television series of the 90s Nanny. Not only Brad Pitt, but many other Hollywood stars also supported the strike: some of the most famous Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Joaquin Phoenix and George Clooney.

“Thanks to the support of some of Hollywood’s highest paid stars,” the foundation said in a statement. Sag-Aftra will be able to offer help and hope to thousands of people working for minimum wage and already experiencing enormous economic hardship.“.

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