Rachel with Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin on Rai 3

Rachel (My Cousin Rachel), on Rai 3, is a romantic drama thriller directed by Roger Michell (Le Week-End), based on Daphne du Maurier’s original novel Cousin Rachel’s Mia, starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin.

Rachel – Actors and Voice Actors

Rachel WeiszRachel Ashley
Sam Claflin – Philip
Iain Glen – Nick Kendall
Holliday Grainger – Louise Kendall
Andrew Knott – Joshua
Tim Barlow: Seacombe
Simon Russell Beale: Sofa
Poppy Lee FriarMary Pascoe
Katherine Pierce – Belinda Pascoe
Tristram Davies: Wellington
Andrew Havill – Parson Pascoe
Vicki Pepperdine – Mrs. Pascoe
Bobby Scott Freeman – John
Harry Hayes – Tess
Pierfrancesco Favino – Enrico Rainaldi

Italian voice actors

Juppy Izzo – Rachel Ashley
Fabrizio De Flaviis – Philip
Roberto Pedicini – Nick Kendall
Francesca Manicone – Louise Kendall
Goffredo Matassi: Seacombe
Vladimiro Conti: Sofa
Ambrogio Colombo: Parson Pascoe
Fabrizia Castagnoli – Mrs. Pasco

Rachel – Plot and trailer

Rachel (My Cousin Rachel) is a mystery love story with multiple reading levels in which a young Englishman (Sam Claflin) pursues a strategy of revenge against his mysterious and beautiful cousin (Rachel Weisz), believing that she is responsible for the death of his cousin Ambrose. , which he grew up with. However, after meeting a woman, his feelings begin to change and he eventually succumbs to her charms to the point that he becomes obsessed with her.

Curiosity about the film

  • Roger Michell is directing this adaptation from his own script. Michell returns behind the camera four years ago Weekendalthough he’s been busy on the small screen in the meantime, filming a two-part miniseries. The Lost Honor of Christopher Jeffries in 2014 and a TV movie Birthday 2015 based on the play by Joe Penhall. Michell’s other credits include directing Notting Hill, Crime hypothesis, good morning in the morning AND On royal weekend.
  • The film marks the third adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s original novel My Cousin Rachel. The first adaptation debuted on the big screen in 1952, starring Olivia de Havilland as Rachel Ashley and Richard Burton as Philip Ashley. The novel was later adapted into a 1983 television miniseries starring Geraldine Chaplin and Christopher Gard.
  • The original novel was published in 1951, and has also spawned several other adaptations: a radio broadcast shown on BBC Radio 4 in 2011, starring Damian Lewis and Leah Williams, and a stage play staged in spring 2012 at the Gate Theater in Dublin, directed by directed by Joseph O’Connor and starring Hannah Yelland as Rachel.
  • For the role, Rachel Weisz had to learn to ride a horse, which was made even more difficult by her costume.
  • The white horse that Rachel Weisz rides in the film was trained for the TV series. Game of Thrones and he was taught to “play dead” when his rider pulled hard on the left rein. Unaware of this, at some point Rachel became partially pinned under the horse’s left side for a short time after the animal rolled over onto its left side.
  • Philip’s feverish nightmares were filmed on a hand-cranked 35mm camera.
  • Rachel Weisz was dressed by Dinah Collin, who strove for fashions that were foreign to Cornwall and used portraits to create an authentic, upper-class look. For this reason, she only chose two main outfits for Rachel’s character, as she was away from home in Cornwall.
  • The pearls used in the story were made for the film based on the 1835 painting.
  • The film was shot in Arezzo, Italy.
  • Director Roger Michell says he was filming in Devon, near the Cornwall border, but avoided filming in Cornwall or filming the film there because the county is heavily involved in the hit TV series Poldark (2015), and wanted to avoid another costume drama set in which takes place in the same place and too close comparison of the two productions.
  • Rachel Weisz is approximately 16 years older than Sam Claffin.
  • The country estate used for filming was inherited by Bamber Gascoigne following the death of his aunt Mary Innes-Ker, Duchess of Roxburgh on 2 July 2014.
  • Simon Russell Beale filmed all of his scenes in one day.
  • Sam Claflin and Holliday Grainger have already appeared together in posh (2014) and in the mini-series Any human heart (2010).
  • Sam Clafin (Philip) plays a boy named Philip for the second time. The first was Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  • Sam Claflin said working with Rachel Weisz allowed him to grow as an actor on the big screen.

Official synopsis of the novel: Cornwall, mid-nineteenth century. Philip Ashley, orphaned at eighteen months after the sudden death of his parents, is raised by his cousin Ambrose, an unrepentant, misogynistic bachelor. For years, their family ménage flows peacefully and peacefully, and any attempts by friends and acquaintances to push Ambrose into the domestic joys of marriage are in vain. Therefore, Philip is greatly surprised when he receives a letter from Florence, where Ambrose has been wintering for health reasons for several years, in which his cousin informs him that he has married a distant relative, his cousin Rachel, the widow of an Italian nobleman. who was killed in a duel, leaving her with a bunch of debts and a large empty villa. As Ambrose’s letters from Italy take on the increasingly confusing and dramatic tone of a frightened man, Philip’s bewilderment turns to such apprehension that he is driven to reach the Tuscan city as quickly as possible. However, a bitter reality awaits him in Florence: Ambrose died after an illness that consumed him in a short time, and Rachel left immediately after the funeral, closing the villa and taking with her all the personal belongings of the deceased’s family. Returning to Cornwall, Philip begins to seethe with hatred for a woman who considers herself a grotesque and monstrous creature. All confidence is shattered, however, when Rachel suddenly arrives in Cornwall to return Ambrose’s belongings to Philip. The young man finds himself face to face with a woman quite different from the one who has been troubling his vigils and dreams for months. A beautiful and charming woman, who has nothing of a killer looking for money. But does Cousin Rachel’s appearance really match her nature?

Daphne Du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel is available on Amazon.

From book to big screen

Novel My cousin Rachel (My Cousin Rachel) was written in 1951 by Daphne du Maurier, whose famous works, often characterized by an atmosphere of tension and passion, interspersed astonishingly contemporary psychological portraits of men and women caught in complicated and sometimes obsessive relationships.

The author’s writing style was so cinematic that Alfred Hitchcock was inspired by her and made three films based on her novels: Jamaica Inn, The Birds and Rebecca, the First Wife (Rebecca). Nicolas Roeg’s psychological thriller In Venice… A Shocking Red December (Don’t Look Now) is also based on a story by Du Maurier.

Upon publication, My Cousin Rachel instantly became one of the author’s most popular novels. 20th Century Fox secured the rights and quickly put the film into production starring two of the hottest stars of the time: Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland. Released in 1952, the film received four Oscar nominations and earned the young Burton a Golden Globe for Best New Actor.

Set in an atmosphere full of desires and suspicions, the novel tells the story of a rather naive young man struggling with himself in an attempt to determine whether the charming widow of his cousin, with whom he lived after the death of his parents, is the very woman of his dreams… or an adventuress , who murdered her husband in cold blood to obtain an inheritance.

When Rachel arrives at Ashley’s estate, Philip meets a woman who is nothing like the evil poisoner his cousin raged about on his deathbed. A key element of Michell’s adaptation is the decision to fully embrace the novel’s gripping ambiguity, which the author maintains as a charm to the end.

The heart of the story is the search for truth, a painful and compelling search for the reader, painful for Philip… and which continues tirelessly until the last lines of the film.

Rachel – soundtrack

  • The original music for the films was written by the composer. Rael Jones (“French Suite”, “Festival”, “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris”).
  • The soundtrack includes songs: Lancashire From H. Smart / Der Winter Ist Vergangen (traditional) From Poppy Lee Friar and Katherine Pierce / God rest the merry gentlemen (traditional) / Three Crows From Neil McCall / Flaxley’s Green Dance (traditional) / Banish misfortune (traditional) / Prelude and Fugue in G major From Johann Sebastian Bach.

1. Who is to blame
2. Memory of a happy day
3. Headaches blind me
4. By the throat
5. Cleaning
6. Happy day
8. Herbal teas
9. Signing
10. I won’t allow this
11. First kiss
12. Climbing the Vine
13. Laying bells
14. You belong here
15. Broken Pearl
16. What am I missing?
17. Cliff Path
18. Muggings
19. Hallucinations
20. Laburnum
21. Follow that horse
22. Enlightenment
23. Galloping to the coast
24. Who’s to blame – Reprise
25. Suspicion
26. My torment

The Rachel soundtrack is available on Amazon.

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