Rachel Zegler in support of the strike: “I want to be paid for every hour of streaming”

Rachel Zegler, the lead character in Disney’s remake of Snow White, has weighed in on the streaming issue by supporting SAG-AFTRA’s request.

Among the many famous faces who took to the streets to support him SAG-AFTRA union strike a young woman also appears Rachel Zeglerface snow White in Disney’s highly anticipated remake. After the failure of negotiations to end the “protests”, the star actually intervened in one of the most pressing issues put on the table by the union, namely the question ofsalary adjustment also depending on streaming content.

SAG-AFTRA Strike: Rachel Zegler Opposes Streaming Policy

Rachel Zeglerso I joined the chorus of protests about problem with streamingrevealing what he thinks about microphones THIS. The star, in fact, decided to immediately set the record straight because Snow White will sooner or later appear on the Disney+ platform:

If I have to wear an iconic Disney princess dress for 18 hours a day, then I need to pay for every hour I watch the movie.

So, a scathing comment that certainly won’t sit well with Disney leaders, but which calls attention to one of the most pressing demands of SAG-AFTRA, as well as the still-on-strike writers’ union, namely: payment for rights to play streaming content. While waiting to see what happens when the live-action remake hits Disney+ (set for theatrical release March 22, 2024), all that remains to be seen is the development of the “protest” that is paralyzing the Hollywood industry. . At that time, Rachel Zegler – launched West Side Story Steven Spielberg and recently appeared in Shazam! Fury of the Gods – will be in the cinema in the prequel The Hunger Games, The Tale of the Nightingale and the Snake, scheduled for November 2023 but likely to be delayed due to the strike. V throw feature film presence of Viola Davis, Peter Dinklage, Jason Schwartzman and stars Euphoria Hunter Shafer. IN snow Whitedirector Marc Webb – already behind the camera of the cult (500) days together and from two Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield – Zegler will instead share the set with Gal Gadotlike the Evil Queen. Instead of the famous seven dwarfs, we will meet seven magical creatures, the appearance of which has already caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. So all that remains is to wait further updates.

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