Radical candidates begin to move their chips in the face of 2023: tours abroad, meetings and national convention


The elections passed and radicalism returned to work for 2023 and to reissue one of the sports he likes the most: the internal ones.

As they prepare for the radical convention of next December 20 that, in principle, it seems that the date will change because it is the anniversary of the 2001 uprisings that culminated in repression, deaths and the resignation and flight of Fernando De la Rua, the last radical president; the men and women who are emerging as candidates for the next elections begin to move their chips.

The governor of Jujuy and candidate for president of the party, Gerardo Morales, is in Europe on a mixed trip of positioning of the province and its candidacy. Where he was able to unite the two objectives of the trip was in Spain, where met this tuesday with Cristina Narbona Ruiz, president of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party and first vice president of the Senate.

As pointed out from the Jujuy environment during the meeting, “they marked clear coincidences by raising the importance of strengthen ties between the Radical Civic Union (UCR) and the PSOE, within the framework of the Socialist International ”. In another section of the meeting, they addressed the need to promote a process of integration of the parliamentary blocs, as well as to deepen the historical relations between both political forces.

In addition to positioning an international agenda as a possible candidate for the presidency in 2023, Morales also advanced in the talks to be able to export cannabis oil that is already produced in his province to the Old Continent.

But while the Jujuy is in Spain, his correntino counterpart, Governor Gerardo Valdes does the same in another parallel tour of European Union countries. Valdés has already gone through Austria, Romania and the Netherlands. Seeking business and international patina They are also present in the tour of the Corrientes who, like the Jujuy, come from winning their elections.

Another who also started playing outside the borders is the senator and leader of Radical Evolution, Martin Lousteau. In the same way that Morales traveled to Spain, Lousteau also fulfilled a international agenda but linked to the region: participated as a guest speaker in a webinar with the former President of Uruguay, Julio Maria Sanguinetti and with the Foundation of Fernando Henrique Cardoso placeholder image from Brazil.

For his part, the president of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, is rushing meetings facing the radical convention and 2023. As explained from the environment of the former governor and next national senator, the meetings and meetings seek to convince all internal lines to carry “lists of unity. Want unit list for everything, Committee, Convention and Blocks”.

Finally, the recently elected deputy Facundo Manes you are finishing organizing what is your project with which you are looking fight the Pro the candidacy 2023 and will start touring the country with a differentiating look: more proactive and not so much anti-Kirchner. Thus, while they do circulate a map showing that the country is not divided into “yellow” -PRO- or “light blue” -Front of All-; Rather, there are eight provinces and several districts of the province of Buenos Aires that are painted “red” -UCR-.

All this happens prior to the renewal of the National Committee of the Radical Civic Union, where more and more candidates are added. Thus, Morales and Valdés have just been elected delegates to the national committee by Mendoza, Cornejo, Rody Suárez and Pamela Verasay. “Another governor. Another candidate for President of the UCR ”explained a connoisseur of the network of inmates that the centennial party usually replicates.


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