Rafa Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo restaurant opens in Valencia

Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Valencia restaurant has set opening dateeuropean publishing house

last June Improve EMV It is announced that the Mabel Hotel Group will open its new Tatel headquarters this summer in the center of Valencia, at 19 Pascual i Genís Street. This new headquarters thus joins the “Tatel family”, which already operates in Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Doha and Madrid, the latter being the group’s “flagship” and listed among the “25 in the world” Restaurants” list. USA Today and TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice publish Worth Traveling at their two country headquarters.


Now, the exact date for that opening is known: Next Friday, September 22nd and You can reserve a table now on the agency’s website.

The opening is part of Mabel Hospitality’s global expansion strategy to develop and manage the group’s different restaurant concepts, “with the common denominator of delivering exceptional culinary and service experiences in unique locations, accompanied by live music. All this is to continue to consolidate Tatel’s position as a national and international reference and pioneer in the fusion of haute cuisine and leisure. ” the company said.

The interior of one of the group’s restaurants.

the roaring 20s

The restaurant will have A large space of about 600 square meters.The new restaurant is located in the old Valencia Stock Exchange building and like other Tatel restaurants around the world, its décor is inspired by The mysterious speakeasy of the 1920s Americans during Prohibition.

Tatel is a project created by the partners in 2014 Manuel Campos Guaral, Abel Matutes Platz, Rafael Nadal and cristiano ronaldo, the hotel subsidiary of its investment company Mabel Capital, and has offices in Madrid, Ibiza, Beverly Hills and Doha. “Tatel represents the essence of hospitality and playfulness that characterizes Spanish restaurants, and its carefully prepared cuisine is based on Traditional products and recipes, combines sophistication and innovation. A gastronomic concept accompanied by live music daily, as well as a unique bar offering everything from the most traditional cocktails to innovative homemade cocktails. Tuttle is a unique and different experience,” they said.

Abel Matutus Pratt.

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