Rafael Bielsa called Kast a Pinochetist and anti-Argentine and the Chilean government responded

The fight began today, when the Argentine ambassador to Chile, Rafael Bielsa, said in statements to El Uncover that the candidate José Antonio Kast represents “a rupturist, pinochetista right”, comparable with (Jair) Bolsonaro and (Donald) Trump ” .

Along these lines, Bielsa questioned Kast because “Has exhibited its anti-Argentinianism as a label”. These statements were collected by the government of Chile, which issued a harsh statement, expressing its rejection of the expressions of the Argentine ambassador in that country.

“The Government of Chile rejects the statements of the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic, Rafael Bielsa, to a press of that country, in which he refers to one of the candidates for the Presidency of Chile, José Antonio Kast, in inappropriate terms ”, Declared today the Trans-Andean Foreign Ministry.

“These expressions represent an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of Chile and violate norms of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” the statement continues, and thus questions the violation of one of the basic principles that the Argentine Government affirms to follow in its management of foreign relations: the “non-interference”.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the command of Santiago Cafiero, they argued that Rafael Bielsa “It’s a personal opinion”, and they remarked that “Argentina will work with the government that is the winner once the electoral process in the neighboring country is finished.”

From the Pink House they also marked a distance from the words of the Argentine ambassador in Chile. “It is a personal opinion. Argentina does not have an opinion in the middle of an electoral process that is still in development “they stated.

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