RAI – A lot of movies and TV series in the 2023/2024 schedule

RAI - A lot of movies and TV series in the 2023/2024 schedule

Rai’s cinema and TV series management affirms an innovative strategy of proposition for generalist and thematic networks, including many first-propositions of films and series of great quality and spectacular impact, between entertainment and culture.

But opinion 1 Following last season’s excellent ratings, the popular French series “returns to the autumn schedule for the third year in a row”.brilliant detective morgan,
The cinematographic proposal is characteristic of the earlier philosophy of Italian comedies: “blah blah baby“by Fausto Brizzi with a talented Alessandro Preziosi, a kindergarten employee who, thanks to his extraordinary ability to understand children’s language, conquers Matilde Gioeli;”most beautiful day“by Andrea Zalone, a comedy of misunderstandings with the close couple Paolo Caccioglu and Luca Bizzarri;”Merlin has black eyes” by Simone Godano, with Miriam Leon and Stefano Accorsi, which tackles the issue of mental health with a light and moving tone. And two more French comedies: “blow me up” Of
Christophe Barretier and “lady of roses“A tale of liberation with Catherine Frot, by Pierre Pinaud. To premiere”house of gucciby Ridley Scott with a fabulous cast: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons.

opinion 2 American procedural and action series titles continue to shoot in prime time and complete premieres, effectively setting it apart:”ncis expansion” (Season 20) and its spin-off”ncis air“‘I (Season 2)”FBI” (Season 5) and “FBI: InternationalThe beginning of the new season of “.mighty hit(Season 6) and by beginner elementary (Season 5). The serial offer will be varied and enriched by two great European successes: the miniseries “dear live“, a breathtaking German thriller, and”between two words“, a love story set in post-World War II Germany. There will be no shortage of brilliant Italian films like the productively ambitious one on Rai 2.”freaks out“by Gabriele Mainetti and Iconic”diabolik“by the Manetti brothers with Luca Marinelli and for international action cinema with a great visual and emotional impact:”creed“With Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone;”walk in chaos“with star couple Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland;”Gunpowder Milkshake“, Action movie with a team of formidable actresses: Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett.

opinion 3Always on the lookout for quality cinema and entertainment, has selected a range of first-run Italian and international films that will surely appeal to everyone.
public: “hidden child“A touching story of friendship between a music professor and the son of a camorista, with Silvio Orlando by Roberto Ando;”septemberby Giulia Steigerwalt, with Fabrizio Bentivoglio and Barbara Ronchi, who
examines the profound nature of human relationships; and then “emotional content“, a mature autistic trial by Sergio Castellito in his seventh feature film as a director. The tones of comedy will then move with us towards the Christmas festivities “left handed natural“From the sentimental drama..by Salvatore Allocca, with Claudia Gerini”Rachel“With A Beautiful Rachel Weisz”The Godmother – Paris Has a New Queen“Comedy by Jean-Paul Salomé – with excellent interpretation by Isabelle Huppert. From “dad nothing is as it seems“The One” by Florian Zeller, with Academy Award winners Olivia Colman and Anthony HopkinsLicorice Pizza“, the last work of the master Paul Thomas Anderson. And again”Eyes“With Jessica Chastain by Tammy Faye, another Oscar winner and, among biopics,”RespectTribute to the great Aretha Franklin.

opinion 4 The crime cements its business for the genre, while lacking in all its nuance during the first evening of the week. Among the First Viewers: Hong Kong Detective Story”Set on fire“The Latest Hitchcockian Thriller, With Donnie Yen”run“Dark Thrillers, by Anish Chaganti”Malignant and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It“and environmental thriller”East“By Zal Batmanglij with Brit Marling. For the series: The novelty of the Spanish”turnip“On the mysterious murder of the mayor of a Galician town; “unidad“, the second and third seasons, which follow the adrenaline-pumping missions of the Special Anti-Terrorism Team on the border between Morocco and the Spanish city of Melilla.

Rai MovieThe channel, dedicated exclusively to cinema, continues its tradition with a clear cut between classic and modern film programming, offering an appointment featuring one genre or theme for each prime time of the week: westerns, between the first approach”ChildBy Vincent D’Onofrio with Ethan Hawke and S. Bone Tomahawk by Craig Zahler, science fiction, Italian cinema with the world premiere, stars and great directors who have left their mark on the history of cinema.

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