Raiders’ Max Crosby chooses Michael Jordan as GOAT over LeBron James, but pledges allegiance to Kobe Bryant

in a recent episode “Peak period” On Raiders DE Maxx Crosby’s podcast, he expressed his deep respect for basketball icon LeBron James and his excitement was palpable. The conversation then turned to discussing who the GOAT was in basketball. Both NFL players have different views on this.

With the NFL offseason underway, Rams players are embracing the period and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation and recovery. Among those athletes, wide receiver Puca Nacua is using this downtime to reflect on his rookie NFL journey. Nakua is an active participant in podcasts and interviews, sharing insights into his rookie experience and transition to professional football.

In a discussion about the greatest basketball players of all time, Puca Nakua and Maxx Crosby share their differing perspectives. Puka passionately defended LeBron James, emphasizing his unparalleled athleticism and physical attributes. According to him, LeBron is the perfect combination of speed, strength and skill.


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Maxx, on the other hand, revealed his personal love for Kobe Bryant, although for the GOAT, his vote would be for Michael Jordan. “You know people have their preferences. I mean they’re all great. I think Jordan is the greatest. I’m a Kobe guy. I’m not saying he’s greater than LeBron, but I’m a Kobe guy.” I’ve admitted it.

While the debate will never be settled, what do the numbers say? LeBron is known for his extraordinary versatility, averaging 27.2 points per game. His ability to score, organize offense and rebound makes him a formidable triple threat on the court. At his peak, Kobe averaged nearly 30.0 points per game. Kobe’s scoring ability was unmatched.

In terms of MVP title, the two are tied for 4th place. However, Puka believes that LeBron might have been in the lead for the MVP title if he hadn’t been stripped of his title. “robbery”.


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LeBron was ‘robbed’ of a well-deserved title

Nacua delves into the storied career of LeBron James, pondering the pinnacles and milestones that defined the basketball great’s legacy. He pointed to two different eras that, in his opinion, represent LeBron’s peak. 2013 was LeBron’s peak year, and Nacua called this year his “peak year.” “It’s just hot.” However, Nakua views the mature, experienced LeBron of 2018 as a true master on the court, one who reached new heights in his game even though he failed to win a championship that year.

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The discussion then turned to the hotly debated 2018 MVP race, and Nakua didn’t hesitate to make a bold statement, claiming “James Harden stole the MVP from LeBron that year.” LeBron averaged 27.5 points, 8.6 rebounds and 9.1 assists per game, coupled with an excellent 54% field goal percentage, in sharp contrast to Harden’s 44% shooting efficiency and 30.4 points per game. Despite LeBron’s all-around performance, the MVP honors ultimately went to Harden.

As Nakua reflects on his burgeoning career, his trajectory seems promising as he aspires to live up to the lofty standards set by his basketball idols. Perhaps, in the near future, Nacua’s path will cross with LeBron’s, fulfilling a long-held dream of meeting the player who inspired him on and off the court.

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