Rain increases parasites in pets

Pets can develop a variety of respiratory ailments, from colds to pneumonia, from exposure to rainy or humid weather.

Carlos Rosales/Chiapas Newspapers
During this rainy season, it is crucial to consider parasitic and ectoparasitic infections in pets as they are the most common and frequent occurrences.
Alfredo Ruiz Coutiño, director of health risk protection at the Tuxtla Gutierrez City Council, emphasized in an interview that these diseases tend to increase in pets due to frequent rainfall.
“It is therefore critical to maintain a precise deworming schedule, with our pets being treated at most every four months. Additionally, it is necessary to follow a control plan to eliminate ticks and fleas,” he says.
Veterinarian Lucas Vazquez added that pets can develop a variety of respiratory ailments from exposure to rain and humidity, from colds and bronchitis to kennel cough and pneumonia.
“Of these diseases, kennel cough and pneumonia are the most worrisome. If left untreated, pneumonia can lead to death in affected pets,” he concludes.

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