Rainy day: Seremi de Salud inspects central Chilian region

The Epidemiology Department of the Ñuble Health Directorate (Public Health Department), Food Safety and Occupational Health Department (Health Action Department) inspected commercial and food establishments affected by the epidemic (Arauco Shopping Center, retail stores and municipal rooftop market) Chilian Rain was recorded last Sunday. The purpose of this is to protect people’s health and verify the hygienic conditions of premises where heavy rainfall has caused flooding and roof collapse.

The inspection was led by Health Secretary Ximena Salinas, who noted that from an epidemiological point of view, the possible risk of people coming into contact with sewage during the weather event was verified and confirmed that there was no exposure Elements found in liquid sewage, but water from pipes and ponds, is not contaminated with feces. However, a department store located on El Roble Street required an audit report of the electrical system by a certified professional after the collapse of the rainwater room; improvements to the false ceilings in the restaurant and bathrooms; in addition to sending resolutions and requests to the company that will perform sanitization Technical sheets of products used and notification of worker re-entry when the premises reopens.

“All premises in the mall’s food court have been inspected and confirmed that they are operating under optimal working and food safety conditions,” said the head of Ñuble’s health department, adding that the premises most affected by the collapse of false ceilings had Tower 1 on the third floor of the mall was inspected and some health advice was provided. There are no changes to bathrooms or common spaces for workers. In the renovated portion of the shopping center’s ground floor, requirements were imposed for restaurants and silica protocols. In the covered market, a total of 4 premises were inspected, of which 1 had a defect in the restaurant portion (opening in the ceiling).

In areas where people may have been exposed to wastewater, Salinas called on people to get vaccinated against hepatitis A, go to the nearest public health center and get immunized in those under 40 years of age. Hepatitis A, a liver infection caused by the virus of the same name, causes acute inflammation of the liver. The mechanism of transmission is fecal transmission through drinking contaminated water or food or contact with feces.

The spread of this disease can be reduced through adequate drinking water supplies, proper disposal of community wastewater, and personal hygiene practices such as regular hand washing with drinking water.

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