Rainy season in Chiriqui leads to increased flu and diarrhea symptoms

The Ministry of Health advises the public to ensure the food they buy is safe; keep them at the proper temperature.

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The increase in gastrointestinal infections and respiratory diseases is typical of the current season, said Gladys Novo, medical director of Chiriqui’s Ministry of Health.

Novoa advises parents of children with diarrhea and respiratory illness to take them to the appropriate medical facility.

In the region’s network of essential services, there are an average of 200 cases of respiratory infections per week; most are of viral origin, such as acute nasopharyngitis (common cold) and sinusitis.

Regarding gastrointestinal infections, Novoa advised people to ensure that the food they buy is safe; keep them at the proper temperature and prepare them according to basic hygiene and biosecurity standards.

Technicians from the China Food and Drug Administration and the environmental health department are constantly monitoring to ensure that food outlets meet standards and that their products do not harm the health of consumers, the official said.

On the other hand, the educators and health promoters of the Ministry of Promotion are constantly organizing teaching and orientation days for users of centers, sub-centers and Minsa Capsi with the aim of complying with some recommendations and reducing the risk of these situations.

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