Raised eyes and a seductive look with these 3 cheap supermarket products: even the stars love them!

Raised eyes and a seductive look - photo from pixabay.com

Raised eyes and a seductive look – photo from pixabay.com

To make up your eyes and make your look seductive, you do not need expensive cosmetics. Some great cosmetics can also be found in the supermarket and the stars are very fond of them. 3 products in particular cost very little. Find out what they are.

Not everyone likes to use cosmetics in the summer, because because of the heat and sweat, cosmetics can begin to melt and spread.

Preference is given to light products that enhance the color of tanned skin. BB cream, for example, is exactly what many women choose instead of the classic foundation, which is heavy and very covering. A little blush on the cheeks, a light layer of gloss and we are ready to go.

Uplifted eyes and a seductive look with these 3 cheap products: here is a concealer

But there is a product that we should definitely use even in summer, especially if we have very noticeable dark circles.

Concealer is a cosmetic product that is used to mask skin imperfections. We can find it in various textures and colors. For example, orange is used to contrast dark circles, while green is used to mask redness.

Dark circles are a very annoying flaw. The area around the eyes takes on a dark color, which compromises the beauty of our gaze.

This condition can be caused by some factors such as stress, family predisposition, nutrition, etc.

Of course, to mask dark circles, you can use expensive products or look for an inexpensive concealer right in the supermarket.

For example, the Maybelline New York erasing concealer is loved by celebrities and influencers alike. They promise to hide dark circles perfectly. The one in pink has become trendy on social media because it brightens up and brightens up the look. The price of this product is about 10 euros.

Mascara and star powder

From the same brand (Maybelline New York) you will also find model Gigi Hadid’s favorite mascara. The product is called Sensational Eyelash Mascara Sky High and went viral on social media instantly. Cosmetics that have created a lot of hype among influencers and beauty lovers from all over the world.

This mascara promises to exaggerate and lengthen lashes. Price? Definitely around 10 euros.

To fix the concealer under the eyes and on the face, you can not do without powder. Also in this case we can buy it in the supermarket. Stay Matte by Rimmel London is what we need. Lightweight, silky texture tightens pores. This powder is one of Kim Kardashian’s favorites. Rimmel London is an inexpensive brand that sells very well in the world and this powder has a very low cost. Less than 10 euros.

So, lift your eyes and look seductively with these 3 cheap products that you can buy in the supermarket and that some international stars love.

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