Ramona Jimenez Had To Undergo Emergency Surgery With Severe Abdominal Pain: How Is She?

In the past few hours, health Carlos “Mona” Jimenez become a concern in the music industry as artists had to undergo emergency surgery Tuesday afternoon. The idol of the quartet, 72 years old, Is hospitalisedaccording to his son Carly Jimenez On Instagram, he’s responsible for reassuring fans about the painting his dad is going through.Currently, no official information has been released about his evolution, but according to local media reports, the singer will be Model Cardiology Instituteas happened in 2018 when he had bilateral pneumonia.

“For informational purposes and to give fans peace of mind. my dad is fine. Not long ago, He had surgery due to severe abdominal pain “Due to bad movement,” wrote the musician’s heir. Currently, no official medical report Wait for the patient to improve so that they can be discharged.

The singer’s son has reported his father’s health (photo Instagram @lamonaoficial)

However, this is Lorraine Jimenezthe singer’s daughter, Speaking of Diagnosis And detailing the circumstances that led to the surgical intervention, his story differs from his brother’s. “I’m leaving, I’m here, I see you’re fine, gastroenteritis. Acute gastritis pops up and destroys you, I know. But things are not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you, we take out the broken glass. Cheers and thanks for making it to Pachamama today. I love you! ’ he wrote on his Instagram account.

Lorena Jiménez talks about her father’s health (photo Instagram @lorena_jimenezcba)

like his brothers, Natalia Jimenez He mentioned his father’s health on Instagram and decided to send him a message of encouragement. “Dad, you’re an oak tree, my old man, you’ve got so many angels going around looking after you”she wrote next to a photo in which she can be seen kissing the singer.

Natalia Jiménez mentioned her father’s health (photo Instagram @jimenez_delseri)

It was in this post that fans were quick to send a positive message to the popular idol: “Come on, Mona. Long live the emperor”; “Dear Mona, we all pray for you. We love you old man; “The Force Be With You”; “We Have No Doubt You Can”; “The King Get Well Soon”; “You Can Monkey”; “We Wait For You” and We pray for your health.

Fans messaged him on social networks while awaiting an official report encouragement message to musicians.Meanwhile, in the final minutes, the singer’s son appears at La Mona Museobar brings peace of mind to all who know their father. The singer took part in a stunt championship at the same venue two days earlier and was delighted that the competition was being held at a commercial venue he manages.

Concert by Mona Jimenez on the ObeliskPatrick Pidal

The 72-year-old artist is very active on social networks, through his official Instagram account, he reveals some moments from his life and informs about his upcoming shows. He has so far given various recitals mainly in his native Córdoba, so the sudden health problem has drawn the attention of his followers.

especially 2018Jimenez experienced delicate health conditions when he was admitted to have tested positive for an illness bilateral pneumoniaaroused the great concern of his relatives, But fortunately he was able to cope with the disease satisfactorily. Then, as now, it was his three children who spoke, conveying everything related to a musician’s development.


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