‘Ramona’ Jimenez suffers stroke, is in intensive care

Ramona Jimenez was rushed to the Exemplary Cardiology Institute in Córdoba. Four people are in the intensive care unit. His children Natalia and Carly Jimenez reassured fans by detailing their father’s health. A formal health report is expected on Thursday.

As it turned out, the singer was eating dinner when she suddenly felt dizzy and “twisted the corners of her mouth.” The Cuartetando website said he was immediately transferred to the Exemplary Cardiology Institute in the city of Córdoba, where they diagnosed him with a “minor” ischemic stroke; Accurate understanding of sequelae. Currently, the treatment he is receiving is effective and he is expected to continue to evolve well.

Earlier this month, Jimenez underwent emergency surgery for abdominal pain; they removed his spleen. At first, his relatives talked about the gastritis pictures, but later his daughter Lorena indirectly admitted that it was surgery. “I’m leaving, I’m here, I see you’re fine, gastroenteritis. Acute gastritis, I know, can pop up and destroy you. But it’s not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you, we excise A ruptured spleen. Cheers and thank you for giving it to Pachamama today. I love you!”,’ she posted on her Instagram account.

Winner of 11 Gardel Awards, 2 Platinum Konex Awards and 3 honorary certificates from the same institution, Jiménez has participated in such legendary groups as the Berner Quartet and the Golden Quartet during a career spanning over 50 years. His solo career has released more than 90 albums, selling more than 36 million copies nationwide.

Juan Carlos Jiménez Rufino was born on January 11, 1951 in Córdoba. As a child he sang ballads and stomped his feet, and it wasn’t until he was 15 that he made his debut as a singer in the Berner Quartet. He recorded five albums until he left because they wouldn’t let him dance and he joined his uncle’s band, Coco Ramaló, and became famous for it.

At 33, he became a soloist; his first hit was “La flaca Marta.” He never stopped growing until he became the representative of the most popular quartet in Argentina. In 1988, he arrived in Buenos Aires, where he also filled the stadium with his hit single “Who has taken all the wine,” originally included on his album En vivo (1986 mid-year. He entered Lollapalooza in 2019 and closed Cosquín Rock in 2022.

words from mona jiménez’s children

Ramona Jimenez’s children want to reassure fans and have detailed their father’s health. Natalia and Carly said at the clinic that the singer is in good health and spirits.

The singer’s daughter Natalia Jiménez (Natalia Jiménez) was interviewed sound and say: “No big deal, maybe they’ll release him tonight.” At the same time, he also thanked fans for their support on social networks, saying: “Thank you! Dad is fine.”

In the meantime, Carli provided more details and specified: “He felt dizzy and his face tingled but he didn’t pass out”. In light of this, he explained, he was admitted to the intensive care unit, where he underwent different tests.

he also pointed out “He’s out of danger” but what is the reason “Clogged arteries”. “He’s going to be hospitalized until tomorrow. He’s going to stay here overnight.” He added and denied the condition had anything to do with the surgery he underwent in early August.

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