Ramona Jimenez underwent surgery and had a stent placed

Carlos “Ramona” Jimenez was hospitalized at the Institute of Cardiology Modeling in the province of Córdoba after suffering a stroke. The doctors decided to do a catheterization and place a stent because they determined that his carotid artery was 80% blocked, which would cause ischemia, so he will be observed for a few more days.

His daughter Natalia reassured fans of the singer by answering questions on her Instagram account. “How’s Daddy, Natty? How about you?” they asked. She replied: “My ten-year-old dad only has a few days left and his tiny house is just that.”

“I go one day at a time. To be honest, my heart is on hold, and my dad’s thing is taking all my attention at the moment,” said the singer’s daughter, who also thanked her fans for their love: “Load my heart, I going to sleep” .

La Mona Jiménez has already undergone two operations in the last month after suffering from health problems since early August and having to undergo emergency surgery due to severe abdominal pain. “You are an oak tree, my old man, and you have many little angels guarding you everywhere.” Natalia saluted him at the time.

The musician’s other daughter, Lorena Jiménez, spoke about the issue on her social networks: “I was at a school meeting when suddenly the alarm bells went off. I’m gone, I’m here, you Looks good, gastroenteritis… Acute gastritis pops up and destroys you, I know. But it’s not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you and we get the broken glass out. Cheers and thank you for bringing it out today To Pachamama. I love you!”.

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