Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Etienne Daho is back and shows full Bikini


After the tour, “lightning”, which led him to London and Berlin (“where we can’t help but think of Bowie and Iggy Pop”), Etienne Daho has the chance to be on the streets in October to sing the entire album, “Eden”, their mini-album “Résérection” and some other songs in the mid-90s. “In the last few years, I have come out several albums versions deluxe with full versions of the rarely or never before. I immersed myself again in the forgotten things. Because, beyond the CD, it is a way the atmosphere of the moment to capture. For me, it was three hard disks are cursed (or at least freshly recorded) : Eden (it was still gold !), Réévolution and Résérection, what is to be done this fall, and double, so in a tour. This I had done already, in the Philharmonie of Paris Pop Satori and all the world was thrilled.”

Experience “Eden”

In retrospect, Etienne Daho understand why “Eden”, the view that he has today, “very clivant” to do with the time, a place in his discography : “I was Paris elsewherean album , an invoice in the traditional way, which is a very great success. With EdenI wanted to make an experience, by songs and electric jungle (I was then in London). In France, this music was restricted to clubs and gay. I’m going to fichais : I’ve always tried to get people to put on things, I think, fair. Today Eden the hard drive has been the favorite of many fans. And also from me, with the last, Flash.”

Etienne Daho in concert Wednesday, 6 november 20 h-Bikini-Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Completely. Tel. 05 62 24 09 50.