Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Party with the Rue Kétanou in a Bikini


La Rue Kétanou is sold out already on the Bikini – and almost everywhere on the dates of an extensive tour, a winter hike is the heart and body heat. No wonder : for more than twenty years, the gang in Paris collects to the public, the more and more numerous around the boiler that is your directory of the cooking, always willing to be together with friends, songs of the road, the air, the Gypsy, the chaloupés reggae, verses, folk and pop choruses. And of course texts, which know how to caress, when it is necessary, and bite, if necessary. The “road Két'” returns after an absence of six years, in which everyone went to find the adventure of sound-parallel, you have nourished, your experience and your desire to write, her seventh album, “”2020”, published on 17. “2020” : a title that is synonymous with a new beginning – the trio in this Quartet, since the arrival of accordionist Pierre Luquet, date, key, new promises ?

Songs written, around the world

“There is a new explanation every time, if you ask us, to this title, but these fit me well, says Florent Vintriguier, guitarist and singer of the group. There is a page, sci-Fi, in this date, especially for those who are born, there is already since a few years, as we are. There is also, with songs like “people, “Migrant”, a portrait of today’s world, with its dramas and its beauties…” Created, which has registered everywhere on the planet, from Benin in Norway, the song “2020” also found refuge in Toulouse : “We, passages from the song “Gbaou Gbaou” and writes, “The violin” with Mouss and Hakim, the) Chanson – you are not on the album, but it plays in Toulouse, you must !”, trust Florent. On stage, the energy in an uncontrolled manner from the road legendary. “People come in and know that you are friends again, and as our influences are very broad, and it is absolutely for the whole world !”

La Rue Kétanou, in concert Wednesday, 5. February, 20 at in a Bikini (parc technologique du Canal), Ramonville St Agne. Completely. In the framework of the festival detours vocals.