Ranking of the most loved series and streaming movies from July 31, 2023 to August 6, 2023: DC Comics takes on Marvel

The ranking of the most popular films and series continues to show all the streaming preferences of Italians without delay, again thanks to the support Just look. This time the analyzed period is such that July 31, 2023 to August 6, 2023.

Compared to last week, which did not bring big surprises, especially among feature films, this time we see a ranking that introduces some new features, starting with the first place among films.

Shining and coveted first place this time is busy Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3the rated latest chapter of sci-fi adventures of quirky characters made at Marvel.

Probably title entry to Disney+ streaming stable a few days ago greatly increased the viewing of this film, which many subscribers of the Mickey Mouse Home Service will probably revisit with great pleasure.

Nice change from last week a period when a James Gunn film was not even in the top ten.

CovenantGuy Rich’s film, which tells the dramatic story of the war in Afghanistan, deserves a place and from third position a few days ago, he is overwhelmingly second in the standings.

New post from last week: in third place we find Flasha film about not only the fast-paced actions of a DC Comics superhero, but also the verbose multiverse.

In the film, we also find the vintage Batman played by Michael Keaton, who will cause a great and irresistible wave of melancholy in all old fans.

To emphasize, in eighth placeNetflix movie arrival Paradise, which offers a sci-fi scenario whose keynote is the value of time and how it can literally be given away. The film has convinced audiences and critics alike and may win other, more well-known ratings in the future.

John Wick 4 still with us and from first place a few days ago, he slipped to fifth position.

Also Prestige he does not intend to let the public go, and we find him, this time, at the bottom of the rankings. Christopher Nolan’s feature film loses four places compared to its final days.

It’s series time, where is the new season good omens, a Prime Video show. Fantasy and comedy show at the same time last week he was fourth and he manages to earn four places with ease.

Even the Netflix series. Witcher move forward because from third place he is now in second place and can enjoy a podium of the top three.

Although the new season, featuring Henry Cavill’s monster hunter, has often been criticized by the most hardened fans, it seems that the majority of Italian viewers have finally appreciated it.

Another series that has received so many negative reviews seems to be frowned upon by the public.

let `s talk about Secret Invasion. Though the Marvel show you’ll find on Disney+ should drop the gold medal. and settle for third place (so to speak)it seems obvious how the intrigues that Nick Fury got into are captivating fans of the series.

In fifth placejust below the popular series Foundation Apple TV+ we find something new: Hear forgotten flowers.

The Prime Video drama show starring the very good Sigourney Weaver is currently attracting many viewers who are intrigued by the gripping storyline and the important and touching themes of the script based on Holly Ringland’s best-selling debut. Lost Flowers by Alice Hart.

Bear loses space and from the eighth place we find it in the ninth: it doesn’t matter because with the arrival of the new season a Disney+ series will certainly be able to win a larger share of the viewership and thereby earn positions in the standings that are more in line with the high quality of the show.

Slide for an Apple TV+ series Special Operation: Lioness which at the end of July was in fifth place: now we find Zoe Saldana and Lisla DeOliveira and their fight against terrorism in last place.

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