Ranya charms Ciserano: “Pink Cavicchio” to the 12-year-old finalist of “The Voice Kids”

Now begins the most important weekend, which will lead to the presentation of the golden Giulianini on Monday the 18th (meeting at 21:30 in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII).

The notes of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” will once again captivate the audience. It’s always exciting to hear a voice Rania Mufidi, a 12-year-old finalist on the talent show “The Voice Kids” last March. On Monday night it was all the more important because she was listening to friends and the community in which the very young singer lives with her family.

“Pink Cavicchio for Ranya Mufidi”

Everyone gathered to celebrate her on the occasion of the presentation of the Cavichio rosa award, given annually by the municipal administration to a woman – or in this case, a little woman – who has distinguished herself for her contribution to society.
The presentation of this award is one of the most emotional moments of the San Giuliano celebrations, and on Monday in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII the emotions were truly palpable. The mayor presented a plaque of honor Katerina Vitalytogether with the deputy Gabriele Giudici and advisor Enea Bagini.
Ranya, who knows how to maneuver well on stage and has already demonstrated this in front of the cameras of the talent show Rai Uno, thanked everyone with her simple grace and then gave the audience a captivating performance to the tune of “Diamonds” by Rihanna. .

The gold Giulianini will be delivered on Monday.

Now the most important weekend begins for Ciseranesi, which will lead to the presentation of the golden Giulianini and the ceremonial awarding of distinguished citizens on Monday, September 18 (meeting at 21:30 in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII). But tomorrow, Saturday, citizens are invited to take part in the opening of the sculpture “The Knot: A Promise to Keep” Arianna Maccagnola located on the fountain that dominates the square.

Success at EXPO 2023

Meanwhile, the 2023 edition is enjoying excellent success with its first sold-out events. The party started on Friday with a performance celebrating the 20th anniversary of the San Giuliano Foundation and then continued on Saturday evening with “Borgo in festa”.
Excellent participation in the Ciserano Expo 2023 on Sunday, when the center is filled with stands of associations, amateurs, traders and sporting events. The day ended with an association dinner and street food in the square along with karaoke. Transparent And Eros.

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