Rapper 6ix9ine to release new album in August


Tekashi 6ix9ine’s album should hit the streets in August.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is taking a break on the Internet, and it’s all for your safety. Yesterday, fans noticed that the rap star’s Instagram was disabled, and we later learned that he decided to disable his Instagram account. Initial reports claimed that he was ordered by the feds to close 6ix9ine’s social media account, however, his lawyer gave a different explanation.

Lance Lazzaro convinced his high-profile client to take a break from social media while preparing to get out of house arrest. The rapper’s managers are concerned that he might inadvertently expose his new location and put his life in danger, and 6ix9ine is taking the threats seriously. Earlier this month, Tekashi’s other lawyer, Dawn Florio, revealed that she was trying to convince the rapper to move away from the east coast and hire 24-hour security.

Representatives of the rapper are convinced that he is a marked man, after cooperating with the government to condemn the high leadership of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Even 6ix9ine himself noticed that he was surprised to still be alive in an Instagram post. The rapper had a chance to participate in the witness protection program for his cooperation but refused to resume his career as a hip-hop artist.

During his time in house arrest, 6ix9ine gave three hits – “Gooba” and the number 1 single “Trollz”, with Nicki Minaj and the track “YAYA” in Spanish. Now we know that the rapper’s post-prison record is scheduled to hit the streets next month. “I think you will see an entire album of him being released in August, as well as some music videos that he will release when he finishes his home regime. He will be busy ”. said the rapper’s lawyer, to Complex.

It is worth mentioning that the rapper hired several security guards who are ex-FBI agents and several bulletproof SUVs.