Rapunzel and rumors of a Disney feature film starring Florence Pugh

Within a couple of years Disney decided to remake new original films and new animated classics, films that are living transpositions of some of his stable’s most beloved animated classics. Initially, the film company already started in 1994, with the film Mowgli – The Jungle Book make remakes of classics and then continue in 1997 with 101 Dalmatians – This time the magic is real and with its continuation in 2000. 102 Dalmatians – new backlash. After these films, no other remake was seen for 10 years until Disney decided to put everything on the line. Alice in Wonderlandsequel to the classic 1951 film. Given the film’s success, the company decided to invest in making other feature films, many of which were made for distribution to theaters and other countries. , created exclusively for release on the Disney+ streaming platform.

RapunzelDisney is rumored to be planning a live-action adaptation of the classic film.

After the release of the last feature film, Mermaidin which actress and singer Halle Bailey appeared as Ariel, drawing a lot of criticism due to very different connotations than the Ariel famous in the 1989 classic, the next remake in the flesh will be snow White in which actress Rachel Zegler will play the role of a princess, and Israeli actress Gal Gadot will play the evil queen. Although the film will be released in theaters in 2024, there has already been controversy over the choice after Peter Dinklage’s complaint to depict gnomes not as people working in mines but as magical creatures, and some photos have been released online. a week ago, it featured seven creatures of varying heights and nationalities, which Disney then commented on, stating that they weren’t official and that the characters depicted weren’t the seven dwarfs, as the press had reported.

Florence Pugh could play Rapunzel “in the flesh”?

outside snow Whiteamong the upcoming game projects there are projects Lilo and Stitchwhat from Hercules AND Oceania and many others. There has been nothing in recent days but rumors (since nothing is official) that the next remakes with “real” Disney actors could include rapunzel, a 2010 classic, and that the company has already targeted an actress who could play the role of a lost princess with long, magical hair locked in a tower. According to some rumors coming from the buyer Daniel Richtman (@DanielRPK on X, trans. Geek Fan Nation / Street expansion of the Central Bank), it seems that Disney would like Florence Pugh as a live action star, a project said to take shape after the suspension of live action de The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The actress can be seen in a recent Oppenheimer E. Don’t worry dearand soon in The Dunes: Part Two.

Other possible names that could take part in the project

The network has news about a possible game version of Rapunzel. In association with the role of Mother Gothel, the name of the singer and actress was repeatedly associated. Cher, which, according to many, would be similar to each other, so she would be perfect for the role of the evil witch and the princess’s adoptive mother, so much so that one could already imagine the song Mother Knows Best, sung by icon Sherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre.
Although the casting of Florence Pugh has aroused interest among Disney fans, the latter are hoping that the role of Rapunzel could be actress Amanda Seyfried, who demonstrated her vocal abilities in oh mom AND Oh mom! Here we go againwhere in the last film he co-starred with Cher.

Who knows if Disney will confirm the idea of ​​making a live action movie on Rapunzel and whether he will listen to the opinion of the public in choosing the main actresses or will he promote his own idea. At the moment there is no confirmation or additional information about this. And the ongoing strike of the actors will not make casting easier.

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