Raquel Mancini is going through a difficult economic situation: “She lives with her mother because she has nowhere to go”

Raquel Mancini’s difficult financial situation

Rachel Mancini One of the most popular models of the ’90s, she underwent liposuction at the height of her career and ended up in a coma. It was one of the first cases of celebrities paying serious consequences for undergoing plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

with the recent death Silvina LunaXu Dongdong’s story surfaced again, she was also a doctor’s patient Hannibal Lotocki. While she didn’t accuse him of malfeasance, there will be a peaceful march in front of the doctor’s house this Wednesday Justice for the victims who died after going through the operating room.

reporter Brito Angel revealed in them (USA) The former model is going through a difficult time in her life, not only because of health issues she has to deal with, but also because of financial problems. “He lived with his mother and brother because he had nowhere else to live”said the driver.

“His career took off, and with it came his health problems. It is said that he became addicted to surgery,” they said in a report presented on the show.consulted on this remote communication (El Trece), Mancini clarified rumors about his gift: “I’m fine, I’m in very good health. I had pneumonia a few months ago, but that’s it.”

Furthermore, the ex-model explained why she moved with her family: “I live with my mom because she’s 85 years old. He fell down and was on crutches. She lived in a big apartment and I You can’t leave her alone because she can’t take anything.”

“We’ve always been a very close family. My dad passed away and the least I could do as a daughter, despite all the love my mother gave me, was to move, be with her, be with her. Not that I’m on the street. everything is normal. I live like a whole country”, Mancini concluded.

Notably, last March, Raquel’s health came into focus when she contracted pneumonia.According to reports intruder, The iconic former model suffered from decompensation at home and was urgently referred to a hospital in the city of Buenos Aires.

From Fernandez Hospital, Chronicle paul leyus It aired on the US cycle and explained that the family asked not to provide medical reports. “They brought some relief from the hospital and they told me he was fine and recovering, which is good news,” he said.

On the other hand, from the floor, Karina Avicoli More information was provided in an attempt to unravel what happened to Mancini. “She hasn’t recovered for a long time,” the reporter revealed, sharing what one of the former model’s brothers, Augusto, told her. According to her testimony, it was third brother Louis who found her in her apartment after she decompensated.

“Raquel lives alone in Palermo, she is currently unemployed. The family is worried. The mother called her but she didn’t answer and they were terrified. Louise had the keys and found her lying there, babbling, unable to move her feet, legs or arms. Almost all of Sunday was thrown away,” the panelist said.

Additionally, Raquel uses a walker on the streets, all the while according to her brother. “His health problems are serious,” Yaviccoli concluded.when the driver asks V flower As to whether these inconveniences were caused by his repeated walks through the operating room, he noted that Augusto is currently estranged from his sister because “He was angry and it was sad that Raquel continued to go to (Anibal) Lotorki. His brother didn’t know if what happened to him had anything to do with it, but he kept his distance because he couldn’t see the cause of the problem.

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