Raquel Salazar after ER visit: ‘I broke a rib’

Raquel Salazar, mother of Noemí Salazar, GHVIP and Los Gipsy KingsSocial network

  • Raquel Salazar rushed to emergency room after days of severe pain

  • Former member of ‘Los Gypsy Kings’ sees doctor at request of his followers

  • Noemi Salazar’s mother shares her medical diagnosis

Rachel Salazar has been forced to Emergency situations.after your health condition deteriorates, Noemi Salazar’s mother went to hospital after exhaustive evaluation and treatment multiple testswhere ‘MRI’ and ‘X-ray’, where medical diagnosis.

The “Gypsy King” matriarch wears been sick for more than a week.What looked like a cold has evolved and ended up being a cold complicated bronchitis The medicines prescribed at the first consultation were not enough.

Noemí Salazar talks about her mother’s pleural detachment

“I’ve been treated for 5 days,” said Mimi and Antonito Salazar’s grandmother, who thanked the hospital, which, as her doctor explained, found that “in addition to bronchitis,” she had have other medical conditions.“A Broken Rib.”

It’s been a tough year for a designer’s health. In January, Raquel suffered a detachment of the pleura, the serous membrane that lines the walls of the chest cavity and lungs.

The pain he felt was so excruciating that he could barely move. Residual cough after infection with COVID-19 leads to inflammation and pleural detachment. The mother of GH VIP’s “pijitana” goes to the emergency room after having a cold last time and fearing the same thing will happen again.

Raquel Salazar shares her medical diagnosis after going through the ERSocial network

His diagnosis in this case had nothing to do with the pleura. However, Raquel will have to rest for the next few weeks due to a broken rib. In addition, she received treatment to relieve the severe pain from the fracture and to end her acute bronchitis.

A total of more than 70 euros of medical bills remained; until then, however, he thanked his followers because it was they (after spending days bemoaning their inconvenience) who were finally encouraged to go to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Noemí Salazar and her family are enjoying a wonderful vacation on a Mediterranean cruise.

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