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Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s brand, is already in Sephora

Selena Gomez had one ✅ left to do on her list of #lifegoals: a beauty brand. Wanted and got. It materialized in Rare Beauty and became a success as soon as he stepped into the field of cosmetics. But until now, there was no possibility of getting it in our country. Sephora has just made things easy for us: since last July 1st it is already available on its shelves.

The brand has always had one goal: daily self-expression, products to feel good being yourself. Zero masks, zero transformations. It seeks to enjoy it sensoryally and in fact, its references have their own sensory history. And yes, the singer has been involved in every step she has taken since her inception. And it’s a mind-blowing brand.

selena gomez


Rare Beauty seeks to break with the codes of idealization, “unreality” and pretends that no one looks like anyone because we all have a beauty that makes us unique. Hence the game with makeup to which it invites with the sole purpose of feeling good without hiding us.

“Every day the same messages are repeated: that I am not sexy enough, nor cool enough, or that if I had acted otherwise I would have been accepted … I think we have to be true to ourselves. That’s what makes us so beautiful and attractive. Let’s not forget this, even in difficult times.”, says Selena, whose brand is also committed to helping people access mental health resources through her Rare Impact Fund.

And the products in their catalog are just as exciting. In fact, in only 1 day on sale in Spain, Selena’s brand became the best-selling brand on the entire Sephora website on July 1. And the reference #1 of his liquid blush (Soft Pinch), was what was bought the most.

All their formulas are breathable, lightweight and with adjustable and fresh coverage so you can find your own identity through them. And also, vegans. We invite you to discover it in 5 hits with which to hook yourself to Rare and take all your beauty to shine.

Your makeup base


Light makeup base

Rare Beauty

32,99 €

Liquid Touch

Liquid touch it is a light, breathable makeup base with a medium coverage to be able to apply it easily in layers. It is available in 32 shades and does not leave the skin with a “pasty” or heavy feel. It also does not clog the pores and also smells of lotus, gardenia and white water lily (ingredients that in turn help to soothe, soothe and nourish the skin).

Your liquid eyeliner


Perfect Strokes


21,99 €

Perfect Strokes

It is one of its best sellers: a matte, waterproof and long-lasting liquid eyeliner. It provides a spectacular definition and pigmentation and the flexible tip of the brush, with more than 1000 vegan bristles, allow to draw fine or thick lines with precision and ease. It does not stain, it does not run and remains in place for hours.

Your lip balm


With Gratitude Dewy

Rare Beauty

17,99 €

With Gratitude Dewy

It’s another favorite of the brand. A moisturizing and nutritious lip balm with a dose of beoke colour, from light to medium and a natural and bright finish. It contains shea butter and leaves the lips looking bulkier and healthier.

Your first illuminator


Illuminating Primer

Rare Beauty

29,99 €

Always an Optimist

Don’t they already want their products by name? And this first illuminator, in addition, for the good face effect it leaves (without the need for more makeup). It is a light primer, without silicones and in the form of a gel enriched with ultrafine pearls that manage to illuminate the skin, moisturize and soften it.

Your liquid eye shadows


Liquid Eye Shadow Stay Vulnerable

Rare Beauty

22,99 €

Stay Vulnerable

Putting on makeup has never been easier and more enjoyable than with rare beauty’s liquid eye shadows. In addition, the catalog of tones is ultra fresh, rejuvenating and summer. They are light eye shadows that transform into powder when applied to the skin and add color quickly. They are also resistant to wrinkles and waterproof.

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