Rau Alejandro after the restart of Rosalia from Bizarrap

What do Rau Alejandro and Shakira have in common? Both released a song after the end of their love story, which was the result of a collaboration with the Argentinean DJ Bizarrap. In Shakira’s case, it was “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, a revenge song dedicated to the former Pica. In the case of Rau Alejandro, whose romance with Rosalia has just ended (he dedicated “Khayami Hana” to her), it’s “Baby, hello.” However, this is not a revenge song dedicated to an ex. Rauw Alejandro and Bizarrap couple conquers Latino Caliente playlistwhich contains the main hits of the scene.

The song anticipates “Playa Saturno”, the new album by Rauw Alejandro, which will be released soon. In the music video for the song, directed by Martin Seipel and El Zorro, the artist brings together terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings on the lunar surface in an addictive and euphoric nocturnal atmosphere that reflects the energy of the song.

“Baby hello” is a song with provocative lyrics and a pulsing electronic beat that traces back to the origins of EDM music and the legendary raves of the 90s. The new single is a response to last Wednesday’s “BZRP Music Session #56”, reaffirming Rau Alejandro’s ability to keep his audience on their toes as they look forward to every new turn in his career.

Since his explosive debut album Afrodisíaco, the 1 Latin Grammy winning artist has achieved countless successes and awards, including Grammy nominations and billions of plays.

His subsequent albums “Viceversa” and “Saturno” cemented his reputation as a staple in Spanish-language urban music.

The release of Baby Hello marks an exciting start to a new era in Rau Alejandro’s career following the phenomenal success of his world tour and outstanding performances on Netflix shows, La Firma and Sky Rojo.

The Puerto Rican hitmaker will arrive in Italy on September 17 at Carroponte in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) with his “Saturno World Tour 2023”.

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