Rayane Bensetti in sobs: he makes his daddy’s dream come true, 3 years after his death …


Three years after the death of his dad, Bachir, Rayane Bensetti reconnected with his uncle, Djaffar, during the TF1 program “La chanson secrète”.

“I had not seen my uncle since the death of my father” explains Rayane Bensetti on his Instagram account on January 15. On TF1, in the show “The Secret Song”, their reunion was by far the highlight of the evening. Like Shy’m , the actor was moved to tears when he discovered the surprise that the production had prepared for him.

While Vitaa and Kendji Girac interpreted for him “The story of life”, theme of the “Lion King” (which he dubbed the voice of Simba in 2019 ), Rayane Bensetti did not stop wiping his tears. The climax of his emotion came with his uncle on stage. On the trumpet, the artist accompanied the duo. Rayane Bensetti rushed to take him in his arms. That evening, for the first time, he admits, he could not “hide his pain or play a role in front of a camera”.

Rayane Bensetti’s tears

It must be said that his dad and his uncle are like two drops of water. Rayane Bensetti also explains: “My father dreamed of seeing us both reunited on stage, and I think he would have been the happiest to see this show …”. Unfortunately, having died of Charcot’s disease , he did not have time to see them play together.

This is why, after their passage on the first channel, uncle and nephew returned home “to enjoy a little more”. They played the piano together, thinking very hard of the great absentee …