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Razer launches animated series starring pet Sneki Snek

Razer adores his new pet, Sneki Snek. Although originally a sympathetic sketch by one of Razer’s designers, seven months of almost constant insistence saw Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan approve Sneki Snek as the official mascot. Since then, Sneki has become a global phenomenon, headlining two RazerCon in a row.

First, Sneki It was released as a plush toy, an obvious way to introduce Sneki to the world and save a few trees at the same time. The response to Sneki was so positive that Razer embarked on an ambitious plan to save a million trees using Sneki as a spokesperson for the company.

Today you can get to Sneki as a pillow, eye mask, floor mat, slippers, doll, or more recently as a giant huggable cushion.

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And now you can also consume more content from Sneki in a whole new way: as a web series for children. Razer has just announced that Sneki will star in his own cartoon series called “Sneki Snek and Friends”, which teaches children about environmental issues such as deforestation, overfishing, air pollution, recycling, slash and burn exploitation and climate change.

The first official episode of Sneki it premiered yesterday, following a pilot episode in June. Sneki is as adorable as you could expect, although the educational aspects of the series are a bit hasty when you consider that each episode is barely a minute long.

The first season will have six episodes and will be made in collaboration with the investment company Franklin Templeton, which joined the plan of Razer to save a million trees with a contribution of 50 thousand trees.

We are always looking for ways to empower our community, and in this case, knowledge is power.“said Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff of Razer. “It is our responsibility to ensure that young people are armed with what they need to defend our planet, as they will be the ones to inherit it. So, whether it’s giving them access to information, or bringing the community together through our own sustainability efforts, we hope to inspire the next generation of players to join us on the frontier against climate change.“.

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