Ready-ready, 5 of This zodiac sign are So Successful CEO


VIVA – The owner of the company, or a brand famous, could be the answer young people when they were asked about their ideal. Journey long, difficult and exhausting it is, certainly has a risk to be borne by the should be ready for those who want to be a successful entrepreneur.

The managers reported, with the help of the journal of Business comparison, you check, some people and are looking for some equations, each of the persons.

“We have some of the largest brand and the world’s leading, a review write, your CEO, and what distinguishes it from most people,” says the author about the journal.

“We also have a few from the list of Pilotfish in the media about the brand of the most influential in social media. Then we take it from some other sources such as, Bloomberg, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Crunchbase to find out everything, from the beginning you were born, when was the first time, was CEO. We also have a number of followers on social media account, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,” she wrote the report again.

This method is completed, the average CEO of a successful the man is, the United States was about 55 years old, who reached the highest position in his company in a period of about 14 years. A Harvard alumni, has an MBA, and has the zodiac sign of Taurus!

From ladders, 5 large animal circle of the most successful, namely the Taurus on the first rank, followed by Leo and Pisces in the second rank, and the third, and then there is Scorpio in the fourth and a virgin in the ranking of the five.

As already heads that the American people began to be mentioned in front of a Entrepreneurs at a young age. 45 percent of the founders of a successful company depending on the industry comparison, the millennial generation. While the Baby-boomers, the net profit more than their colleagues of the young.

The founder or CEO temuda successfully according to the latest report is Kylie Jenner and the most ancient is the CEO of Canon, Fujio Mitarai at the age of 84 years.

“It is common for a person to have the title of CEO at the age of 46 and 51. To be including Satya Nadella of Microsoft CEO, at the age of 46, and Mark Parker of Nike, the managing Director at the age of 51 years,” adds the author.

The founders tend to start your journey at a young age with the average age of 28 years.

Only three of the 46-leader, the college that Daniel Ek (Spotify), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Larry Ellison (Oracle). The rest managed to reach the top of a career without a college diploma.

However, most of the success stories, they come from renowned universities such as Harvard. Harvard, the number of Directors in the rich has the most, followed by Princeton University and the Wharton School of the Univesrity of Pennsylvania.

Author: Dion Yudhantama